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Rhea Chakraborty First Affair At Age Of 17 And Few Rumoured Affairs With Handsome Hunks.

Lately, Rhea Chakraborty is grabbing limelight but for all the wrong reasons. Ever since the sudden demise of her boyfriend actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Indians have their eyes on Rhea Chakraborty. And we think you might be interested in knowing a little more about the actress’s past love life.

Her gorgeous first love

You might not know that but before becoming an actress, at the age of 17 Rhea was a hot and happening VJ on MTV. In her TED talk, Rhea Chakraborty confessed that she fell in love for the first time in 2009. She said, “I was young, ambitious, desirable, full of the dream girl, and he was gorgeous”. But soon Rhea got her heartbroken as the couple called it quits. “I have never recovered fully from it,” says Rhea.

Soon after Rhea got her first Yash Raj Banner film “Mere dad ki Maruti” after auditioning for 16th time, there was a crying scene in an audition in which Rhea cried and thanks to her heartbreak she didn’t need glycerine.

Nobody knows the name of Rhea Chakraborty’s mysterious gorgeous first love. But according to Rhea, this magnificent boy made her an actor.

Aditya Roy Kapur

The Ashiqui2 actor Aditya Roy Kapur and Rhea Chakraborty were rumoured to be dating back in 2013. According to a report, they were spotted together at several events, working out in gym together and were even snapped holding hands by paparazzi.

According to another report, a source revealed that Rhea Chakraborty signed her film ‘Sonali Cable’ with a no-kissing clause as she was seeing Aditya Roy Kapur at that time. However, they broke up soon, and Rhea Chakraborty reconsidered her decision of no-kissing and decided to do kissing scenes in the film. Rumour has it that the couple broke up because Aditya got too intimate and cosy with his co-star Shraddha Kapoor during the shooting of their film Ashiqui2.

Onsets of film Sonali Cable, Rhea, shared hot chemistry with her co-star Ali Fazal.

However, they did not accept their relationship in front of the world. During the promotion of film ‘Sonali Cable’, Rhea gave usual B-town statement that they are “just friends”. She said that Aditya is my “close pal”. She also added “Aditya is my friend and I like him. I don’t mind getting linked to him”. (Hmm 🤔) Rhea said in an interview

“I never dated Aditya. He is a close pal. He is a good friend of mine, but lately, he has been very busy with work, and I haven’t hung out with him. Earlier we went to the mall together a few times, and we also watched movies. I guess that’s how media has been speculating that we see each other. I want to end these speculations and tell everyone that we are just friends. I like him, and I want to do a romantic film with him, that’s it.”

Currently, in the ongoing investigation against Rhea Chakraborty, her call records show that the actress spoke to her ex-boyfriend actor Aditya Roy Kapur 23 times in the last year. Wonder why did she call her ex-boyfriend 23 times while still being in relationship with Sushant Singh Rajput.

Very few people know Aditya Roy Kapur was also a VJ before starting his acting career in Bollywood.

Few weird dates

Rhea’s filmy career has not been so great. Few of her films did not do well at the box office, and everything was going south for her. In an interview Rhea told that at the age of 25, She was wholly lost and very worried about her future, her future relationships, she second-guessed everything and wanted someone to validate her. To get the validation, she even went on a few weird dates. But she did not reveal the names of any of these men. How many men have you been with, Rhea!? 🧐

Mahesh Bhatt

Soon after SSR’s death, few steamy photos from 2018 resurfaced online in which the Bollywood producer Mahesh Bhatt and actress Rhea Chakraborty can be seen getting very close. These photo sparked huge controversies and netizens brutally trolled Rhea for having a relationship with a man of his father’s age. It is also said that Rhea left Sushant’s house on 8th June because of Mahesh Bhatt.

Not only this, in the ongoing investigation of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, WhatsApp chats of Rhea and Mahesh Bhatt also went viral. The actress told Mahesh Bhatt that She had had enough and the producer encouraged her to leave her boyfriend, Sushant. She says “Aisha moves on, Sir!”.
Aisha was Rhea’s character in the film Jalebi.

However, in a recent interview, Rhea Chakraborty dismissed all the rumours and said “Bhatt Sahab is like a father figure to me. I call him Sir, and he calls me Child”. “I took his advice because I broke down when Sushant made me leave his house”, she added. Earlier in the past, Mahesh Bhatt had also dismissed such rumours, but we saw the duo getting close in interviews and praising each other.

Mahesh Bhatt and Rhea Chakraborty met in 2017 on the sets of her film Jalebi which was produced by filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt (brother of Mahesh Bhatt).

Rhea Chakraborty, who was dating Sushant Singh Rajput since April 2019, was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau on September 8 in connection with the drug-related allegations in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case, you may want to read about our article on movie announced For Sushant On His Dead. Rhea is the prime accused in the mysterious death case, and there is a CBI investigation going on against Rhea, her brother and four others.

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