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Deepika Padukone Revealed Unbelievable Facts about Cheating Ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are pure goals, to be honest, but you have to suffer and strive a lot to get something beautiful as it is the price you have pay for beautiful things. And that’s what Deepika did several times before finding her dream man Ranveer Singh. And now they have become one of the most beloved couples in the B-town.

They are setting goals for all the couples, the praise and the love they have for each other is admired by everyone. They are holding hands on every red-carpet event with matching clothes, they never stop praising each other on award shows and then they are also very active on social media as well keeping their fans in touch of what they’re up to.

New Delhi: Actress Deepika Padukone during the promotion of upcoming film ‘Chhapaak’ in New Delhi on Jan 7, 2020. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

But things were not like this for Deepika in the past, she put her faith in the wrong man and not only one time. She didn’t learn the first time and that what happens when you love the wrong person, you hesitate to love, you don’t trust people even the ones who are worthy of it. And because of that, you lose so many people who could have been good friends who could have changed your life in different ways.

Recently Deepika Padukone who has previously dated Ranbir Kapoor opened up about her past experiences, for the very first time.

She had said, “Maybe that’s why I’ve been hurt in the past. I was foolish enough to give him a second chance because he begged and pleaded, despite the fact that everyone around me said he was still straying. Then I actually caught him red-handed. It took me a while to get out. But having done that, nothing can make me go back. That ship has sailed.” 

Although she didn’t take any name but we all know about whom is she talking about.

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She further added, “The first time he cheated on me, I thought there was something wrong with the relationship, or me. But when someone makes a habit of it, you know the problem lies with him. I give a lot in relationships and don’t really expect much in return. But, infidelity is the deal-breaker. Once it comes in, respect goes away, trust goes away and these are the pillars of a relationship you can’t f*ck around with it.”

And again she couldn’t stop herself from praising her husband Ranveer for everything he’s done to bring his life back to normal.

“Over a period of time because it’s the small things that he did and the little things that he said which made me believe and feel more and more that he’s the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. The foundation of our relationship is just solid friendship and for any successful relationship, that’s very essential. It started off on that note right from the beginning and over the years that we have dated, it only became stronger and stronger. Over a period of time, I don’t think there was that one definite moment.”

Deepika and Ranbir parted ways in 2009 after dating for two years. Ranveer came into the life of Deepika and Ranbir is set to tie knots with Alia Bhatt.

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Written by Iftakhar Sheikh

Sara Ali Khan

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