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Shah Rukh Khan Got A Tattoo On his Chest Is It Real?

Shah Rukh Khan the king of Romance in Bollywood.Shahrukh has a big fan following list.Everyone is crazy for him.Shahrukh has done many super hit movies.Recently his movie Fan was released and it was blockbuster,everyone loved it.Shahruk’s upcoming film is Raees and as per the news it will be released in january 2017.

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Shah Rukh Khan is the super star of bollywood.Sharukh was seen at the mumbai airpot on 10th august with his daughter Sunaina.Media clicked their pictures and everyone caught Shahrukh with Taattoo on his Chest.Everyone is shocked after seeing this pictures because Shahrukh was not having any tattoo on his chest before.All of them are thinking why did Shahrukh drew a tattoo?Is that for a movie or it is temporary or it is permanent?All of them are having doubt.

Did Shah Rukh Got A Tattoo?

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

Sharukh khan was not having any tattoo on his chest before.Now we will be knowing the truth when shahrukh will talk with the media about this.

Shah Rukh Khan what is peeking out from under his tee?

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

Can you see a tattoo on his chest?

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Daughter Sunaina Ans Shah Rukh

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

Is that a Tattoo?why did he hided from us?

Tattoo is permanent or not?

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

Did shahrukh did tattoo for a movie?

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why has he not said a word about it on social media yet?

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

What is going On no one knows.

Shah Rukh Khan,Tattoo

Check onto this latest news of Sharukh Khan.This pictures are clearly showing a Tattoo on his Chest.

We hope that shahrukh khan reveals this secret soon with media so we can know what the actual reason is for the tattoo on his chest.

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