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Making Train Coaches As Isolation Wards, Real Or Rumour? We did our Research , Here is The Fact.

India as other countries is dealing with coronavirus and As of now total cases of covid -19 as crossed 1000 with over 35 deads. Everyday its a new challenge for people and our government on how to prevent this virus from spreading. Though, everybody is doing their part to stop covid-19 from spreading , Government Of India, wants to be extra sure and prepared in case the patients number increases. Mr. Narendra Modi has recently announced many benefits and helps for the people , You can read about steps taken by government – here . While many ideas are doing the round on Internet , Railway Minister Piyush Goyal confirmed about one such idea of making train coaches as isolation ward for corona virus patients.

Though, this will be one of the major break through in terms of capabilities India have to handle a sad event like this , we did our research and found out that this is not the first time train coaches will be used to serve as hospital beds.
Life Line Express, Or Jeevan Rekha Express is introduced in 16 July , 1991 and running since then. It was a collaboration between railways and health ministry.

Mr. Piyush Goyal said “Railways will offer clean, sanitised, and hygienic surroundings for the patients to comfortably recover,”. For this purpose train coaches will be modified by removing upper and middle births, Also aisle and bathroom will be modified to accommodate patients safely by maintaining safe distance.

At present, Mr. Goyal team is working on a prototype model which once approved , will be applied to 10 coaches per week time.
So, as we know by now this idea is not new but running since 1991 but this is a fact that Indian Railways Is going to use its coaches for the benefits of People which is an appreciated step by the Government Of India.

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