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Meet the Woman, Who Made India’s First Covid-19 Test Kit Just Hours Before Her Delivery.


Even in 2020, there are some areas who believe women are less than men but there are some women who have made them think about their assumption. Women are head to head with the men and some are ever outworking them in different fields.

Indian virologist, Minal Dhakave Bhosale has made the whole nation proud and when she became the first one to make Coronavirus test kits in India, and she did that just a day before she delivered her baby daughter.

She guided her team to make the testing kits in a record six weeks’ time. Her team started working the moment the Indian government allowed private companies to make their kits.

Mylab Discovery, her firm situated in the heart of Pune became the first Indian firm to get full approval to make and sell coronavirus testing kits. They delivered the government with 150 kits in a record time of six weeks.

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“It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation

“It was like giving birth to two babies,” Bhosale said.

She headed the team and created the testing kit called Patho Detect. She became an inspiration and opened doors for many firms who had doubts about whether to put their hands in it or not. Industrialist, Anand Mahindra earlier announced that his company would manufacture ventilators and will convert Mahindra resorts into care facilities to fight against the disease.

“Ms Bhosale, you delivered not just the test kit and your baby, but you also delivered a ray of hope to the country. We stand and salute you…,” he tweeted.

India is wounded by the Pandemic and the cases have crossed the 1000 mark with total deaths of 29.

The total number of government laboratories working against Covid are 122 while 47 private labs have been approved to help test the Covid illness.   

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Written by Iftakhar Sheikh

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