BJP Workers Chant Modi Slogans, Waive BJP Flags In Rahul Rally, This Is How Rahul Responded!

rahul gandhi

It’s election time, and Political parties are in full swing to woo voters by their promises, trying their best to win people’s hearts.

This is what usually happens during elections. Political parties give out grand promises and forget to fulfill them. Do you agree with this?

rahul gandhi

Coming back to Rahul Baba’s rally. He conducted a 70+ km rally in Haridwar, with all the Congress workers and supporters with bikes and drummers around him. Something unusual happens. Few BJP supporters come in the rally and Wave BJP flags, chanting slogans of Modi loudly. It was evident that their intention was to insult him.

rahul gandhi

But, What Rahul Gandhi did next was surprising and unexpected!

He trolled them!

Watch the video here:

What do you think?

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