Amazing Response By Virat Kohli To Kevin Pietersen When He Asked Why Bangalore Never Won .

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Kevin Pietersen is getting the best out of quarantine period as he is regularly going live on his Instagram with the best cricketers in the world and Ahmed Shahzad. He recently went live with Dale Steyn and Rohit Sharma but this time is was the biggest of them all, Virat Kohli.

The two talked about many serious topics along with some funny ones as well. But as we all know the what is the biggest issue at the moment so yeah COVID was the right topic to get your conversation started with.

 “We managed to get away to a farm just before the lockdown. There is some space here. It is heartbreaking to see. People are having a tough time,” Kohli said.

“We have never been in one place for so long. It’s bizarre. It’s not a good thing to single out something like this as an opportunity to spend time together. But it is what it is. We are being cautious and staying positive. If not for this, I’d be hanging out with you at Chinnaswamy stadium,” Kohli added.

Kevin Pietersen never lets the convo get dull so he asked Kohli about the origin of his nickname ‘Chiku’ to which Kohli revealed that he got that from his Ranji Trophy coach because of his healthy cheeks.

“I got this nickname from a coach in the Ranji Trophy. I used to have big cheeks then. In 2007 I thought I was losing hair. I got my hair cropped and my cheeks and ears stood out. I got the name from a cartoon character. The rabbit in the comic book Champak.”

Kohli also revealed that it was MS Dhoni who made it famous, as he was also shouting ‘Chiku’ from behind the stumps.

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The Indian skipper was also not shy of talking about the lowest point of his career.

“The England tour in 2014. There is a time as a batsman when you know you will fail and you will not get runs. I used to wake up and know I would fail. It was the worst I have ever felt. It was tough. I promised myself that I will never allow me to let that happen to myself,” Kohli said.

“It happened because I was so consumed about doing well from a personal point of view. I just felt I was in England and this was Test cricket and if I score runs here then I will establish myself. I was consumed by all that crap and that led to my downward spiral,” Kohli added.

The star duo also talked about the misery going with Royal Challengers Bangalore who despite being the biggest team are yet to win a title.

“Big players in the team, there will be attention on the team. With big players, we will always be in the focus. We have reached 3 finals, not won, but then, those things are irrelevant, until you win the title. Even with the best team, we have not won. There is a team goal, we deserve to win the title,” Kohli said.

“I think the more you try to do something, it tends to move away from you. I think we need to get the joy back into the team and not try and look to set goals,” Kohli added.

When asked about the best football player in the world Kohli chose Ronaldo over Messi because of hardworking nature.

But the best part of the session came when both were indulged in serious talk and Anushka Sharma commented ‘Chalo Chalo it’s dinner time’

“When the BOSS said time was up, time was up! @anushkasharma @virat.kohli Hope you all enjoyed that? Just two dudes hanging out,” Pietersen joked.

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Written by Iftakhar Sheikh

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