Animal Cruelty In China Revealed By Australian Activist Joey Carbstrong In A Video


China might be one of the biggest economies in the world, but as they say, money has nothing to do with kindness, and when it comes to animal brutality, there is no country close to China. Animals, again and again, have justified their importance in the lives of humans. They’ve been our best friends our companies and have provided us relief, and many are earning their livelihood depends on them; they’ve been with us from the very beginning. And because of that, many countries have made laws for the protection of animals, but in China, that is not the case.

Recently, Australian animal rights activist Joey Carbstrong shared a video on his Facebook of him visiting the Chinese wet market, and what he has shown in his video will make your cry. You don’t have an idea of how brutally animals have been treated in one of the biggest economies of the world.

“I’ve seen fish in captivity in small buckets, suffocating slowing suffering, and it made me very distressed.  The things I saw in there were horrific, and I can’t believe I could see them, but now many other people could see these fish in these little tanks, suffocating!”

Carbstrong has made videos of animals are dying painfully in China, from animals to birds. China is not a country for animals.

Showing more brutality, he shared a video in which fishes were cut in half, and their hearts were still beating.

“Fish have been exploited and commodified to the point where to the point that they’re not even considered animals. They’re considered swimming vegetables.”

Animal brutality in china was not limited only to fishes; there were frogs, whose heads were cut off right in public, pigs’ faces were skinned, and they were hanging on hooks.

“Okay, this is called bearing witness, you bear witness to the animals before they go to the slaughterhouse, okay? And we connect with the animals, and we offer them compassion. Sometimes the only compassion that they will receive in their entire life, in my vegan outside of slaughterhouses for their last moments. Sometimes it’s only the sunlight these animals will see in the truck in the way to the slaughterhouse.” He said.

Many animal rights activists are doing their role, providing awareness to the people about animal rights, but there is no ray of hope in China, a country that didn’t learn anything even after being the origin of the biggest pandemic of the century.