Unique Plants That Exist On Earth , You Never Know About

    Well, the Earth is called a green planet for a reason , because plants grow in it. Even after all these years of evolution and development  and the variation in fauna that has been created due to it, a third of the plant species are estimated to be surviving with us today. Here are ten unique plants which are proof that nature continues to amaze us.



    10. Doll’s Eyes (White Baneberry)

    These plants take the meaning of the idiom –eyes out on stalk to a literal meaning. If you feel as If you are being watched while taking a stroll in the woods, it’s probably the Doll’s eyes creeping you out. Native to the hills of South America, the berries of these plants closely resemble a human eye which gives it its name. Thankfully, this plant’s looks aren’t that enticing to eat as it has  cardiogenic  toxins that sedate your cardiac muscle tissue which leads to death.
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