20 Tweets That Shows , Why Do Girls Even Need To Wear A Bra ?


    Talking about bra ! Ah isn’t a taboo ?  Well , times are gone when it used to be a taboo. People now come up wittingly to show how funny a bra could be.  Just for the guys who don’t know much about bra – it comes in different varieties. Pushup bra , padded bra , stick on bra , full support bra ..and much more . And yes , it comes in different shapes and sizes too ..(Guys , now don’t think much ).

    So here we bring you some tweets on bra we found not that funny but a witty way to express the feeling why do we actually even need to wear a bra ? I am sure , you people are curious to read them but just to remind you – break your taboo thinking , come out and comment your views later at the bottom of article.

    1. This one is my Personal Favourite. :
    2. Bottled , Uh You Sure ?
    3. These are witty but don’t know its enough to deliver a message to all of us ? It high time we put our self behind low thinking societies . I will leave it upto to you to decide , don’t forget to drop your opinion in comment section below , It Matters !

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