It is said that death is the only absolute truth in this world. It will come, sooner or later, to every living being. But, what really happens when someone is seconds away from being ‘dead’? What happens in those moments? Do they watch a time reel of their life flash by, or is it just black space? Here we present 10 facts and mysteries about death which are yet to be determined absolutely true in the world of science.

1. The Brain

It is said that if the body is unresponsive and dead, but still the brain is alive, then that person is not considered dead. A person is considered dead when the brain stem dies.

2. What is ‘Dead’?

There have been long-drawn arguments in the scientific community about what it actually means when someone is ‘dead’. Many terms have been introduced to somehow categorise and rationalise death, like ‘clinically dead’, ‘legally dead’, etc.

When your heart stops beating, even then you aren’t dead. Doctors can still revive you by the electric shocks to the heart and bringing it back to life.

People have had near-death experiences and from their accounts, it becomes even more uncertain that what ‘death’ truly means.

3. Consciousness

What is consciousness? What is awareness? When we are dead, all our experiences, memory, feelings, thoughts – where do they go? There has been an eternal argument between the scientists and the philosophers regarding the roots of consciousness, where the former says that it is nothing but a by-product of the brain, which ceases to exist once the brain is dead. the philosophers believe it to be more like a spectrum, and not a singular entity.

4. Brain Goes Haywire in the Final Moments!

Well, you would believe that the brain should begin to slowly go numb, and then completely inactive in one’s final moments, right? Wrong! It appears that the brain undergoes the highest amount of activity inside it, that it ever did in it’s entire lifespan!

According to scans, the brain literally lights up like fireworks before one’s death! Why? It’s still a mystery.

5. Paranormal?

The people who have experienced NDE (Near Death Experience) have stated that they saw beings quite unexplainable, in their brief stint out of this world. Some even could see their dead loved ones, or could sense extremely intense light, colour or smell.

Many relate these experiences as paranormal, and many as religious. But the scientists argue that our consciousness becomes the most heightened and alive in these moments, the most alive in our entire life, just before going dead. Ironical enough?

6. Death Clock to Predict Death

It has been observed that the protein content in brains of those who die at night, and those who die during the day are quite different. This even didn’t get affected by the way through which a person had died! We all have an inbuilt biological clock, which signals us on when to eat, when to sleep, etc. Could there be a death clock in our mechanism as well which could send signals as to when we are about to approach death?