1. Priya Varrier

Who could have guessed that a wink would be enough to make millions fall in love with you? Priya Varrier did just that in the 30 second clip of the Malayalam movie OruAdaar Love, and became an overnight sensation.

2. Saima Hussain Mir

When Shahrukh Khan clicked a selfie at a college in Pune for the promotion of his film Raees, what caught the attention of fans wasn’t the star himself, but the girl standing behind him. Soon the search began to identify her, and soon after marriage proposals started flooding in.

3. Dhinchak Pooja

Her oh-so-awful hip hop song Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj shot her to instant fame, with over a million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She also signed up for Bigg Boss Season 11 and Entertainment Ki Raat.

4. Kusum Shrestha – Nepali Sabjiwali

When Roopchandra Mahajan clicked her photo, carrying a big basket of fruits in Nepal, he must have no clue that his muse would become the talk of the hour for days to come. People were mesmerised by the authentic beauty of this Nepali vegetable seller, tarkaariwali.

5. Mihika Dutta to Deepika Padukone

When she wrote a heartfelt post for Deepika on Instagram, for an ode to the character Meera from Love Aaj Kal, she would have never expected in her dreams that the actress would repost it and shoot her to limelight. This was then covered by PopXo and Miss Malini.

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Thank you for this heart warming note Mihika…Repost @mihikadutta As 'Love Aaj Kal' celebrates its 7th Anniversary today, here’s my ode to one of @deepikapadukone most inspiring & relatable characters ever, Meera. How many times do you see a character that makes you think – Wow…I should be more like her! Meera was one of those characters for me. Someone who took life in her own hands and said ‘I got this. I know what I want to do and I am going to do it’. From creating her identity to being comfortable with just being the girl who is in love with a boy, from taking wrong decisions to unapologetically owning up to the mistakes she has made, Meera was wonderfully raw and real. Towards the end of the movie, Saif’s character finds her at the restoration site and confesses his love for her. You see Meera finally break down here – few seconds, one scene and one thousand emotions. THIS is the scene that has stayed with me from the movie, the one I’ve gone back to YouTube to watch repeatedly. This scene makes her so beautifully relatable. The girl who makes sacrifices for her work, lives by her own rules, makes tough decisions – but is always looking for a little love. Her girl next door traits with her courage to live on her own terms. I think I am like that in more ways than one & also hope to be. So, @deepikapadukone. Here’s to you. For choosing characters that stay with us long after the 120 minutes of the movie are over. Characters that inspire us, characters that make us think. In its own wonderful way Meera changed a little bit of me for the good and I thank you for that. I hope my love reaches you through this. xoxo

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6. Saif Ali Khan Lookalike

The internet went haywire when it discovered a petrol pump employee looking too similar to Saif. Later on Saif went on to joke that it was him working there.

7. The Man Who Tried to Sell Shilpa Shetty’s Book to Her

When the actress posted a picture on her Instagram about a street vendor trying to sell her book to her, it went viral in seconds.