Sidhu Paji our favourite and known for his laughter and shayari on the show “The Kapil Sharma”. Paji had shared a very special bond with kapil from starting of the Laughter days.

It’s Final Sidhu Is Leaving The Show

It's Final Sidhu Is Leaving The Show

Earlier there was rumors concerning Navjot Singh Sidhu quitting Kapil’s show, they all were rubbished. Sadly the news has turned true now!

It's Final Sidhu Is Leaving The Show Sidhu’s spouse Navjot Kaur, gave confirmation that paji would be quitting the show. You might be thinking why is he quitting the show, isn’t it?

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Well, Sidhu had require this call, as he desires to give his time to the future elections of Punjab Assembly. After quitting BJP, Navjot Singh once again joined politics with a bang. As per his campaign schedule for Awaz-e-Punjab (His party), he has got to reach Amritsar on the 1st Oct.

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Sidhu’s contract with Kapil’s show was supposed to finish in the month of September and therefore, he has set to bid a word of farewell to all.

It's Final Sidhu Is Leaving The Show

His wife says “Sidhu will now focus on Punjab politics. Which is why he has recorded all the shows until 30th Sept and has already said bye to everyone.”