Wanna Experience The Lavish Bigg Boss Home? Here’s How You Can!


    Bigg Boss is indeed a famous reality show. People are glued to their televisions and watch Bigg Boss with keen interest. Bigg Boss is always a point of discussion during gatherings.

    bigg boss home

    If you’re a Bigg Boss Fan, you probably would have fantasized about visiting the lavish home of Bigg Boss, where all your favorite movie stars have been shooting.

    What if we say, this dream of yours can come true?

    YES, we are not joking!

    bigg boss

    You can fulfill your dream of visiting and exploring the Bigg Boss home. The Film City in Bangalore offers Bigg Boss house experience if you book it for a minimum people of 10.

    You’ll also be given different tasks which put a test at various abilities, like stress management, time management.etc

    It only costs 2000/- per person on weekdays. If the group as a whole is willing to pay extra, then you will be shot like the exact show which includes more challenging tasks, and even eliminations.

    bigg boss

    Isn’t it fun?

    So, book your tickets right now!

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