7 most inspiring women of this country you gotta know!


    India is a very diverse nation. Many different cultures, castes, and tribes follow many different practices in their lives.

    In a recent incident which happened at Bangalore, In which women were mass molested, It shows the complete state of apathy we live.

    Few women have risen above everything and inspire all the young generation into working hard and breaking all stereotypes.

    These are the women who brought a good name for our country:

    The first on this list is:

    1) Kiran Bedi

    kiran bedi Inspiring women

    Kiran Bedi is the toughest and fearless lady cop India has ever known. In those days when Police jobs were only given to men, Kiran Bedi broke all typical stereotypes and strived to become the First women IPS Officer of this country. She paved the way for all other women who wanted to become an officer and serve the country.

    2) Nirupama Rao

    Inspiring women

    Nirupama Rao is the first woman foreign secretary of our country. She played a pivotal role in strengthening all Indo-US ties and signing agreements between both the countries. She’s also the first woman to be a spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs.

    3) Chanda Kochchar

    Inspiring women

    Do you use ICICI Bank?
    She’s the head of India’s largest private bank. When there were very few women CEOs in the field, She took the world by storm by becoming the chief executive officer of ICICI Bank.

    4) Mary Kom


    She’s a recipient of the Padma Bhushan award. In a country where women are mostly discouraged to take sports, Mary Kom went against the tide and took her favorite sport: Boxing. She aced the competition by winning medals and bringing a good name for our country. Today, she has her own Boxing Academy where many take inspiration from her and learn Boxing.

    5) Kirthiga Reddy

    Inspiring women

    If you’re unaware of her, She’s the India head for the most popular Social Networking Site “Facebook.” She alongside her team brought Facebook sponsorships for deserving NGOs helping millions of students achieve their dreams.

    6) Harshini Kanhekar

    Inspiring women

    Harshini is the first female FireFighter in our country.
    She made a history ten years back and had even saved many lives.

    7) Saina Nehwal

    Inspiring women

    As a writer, I never knew I’d write about my Senior here. Yes, we were in the same school, and she was my senior. She’s the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Olympics. All this and she’s just 24.
    Truly Inspiring.

    These women had to face hardships initially in their lives. But, That didn’t deter them from achieving their goals.

    We salute them.

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