Caught On Cam!: Watch How Australian Player Blocks Sushma Verma!

This is cheating guys!

Our Indian players, especially the women’s cricket team has received all the praises for their extraordinary performances in the field.

When the men’s team lost the important final match to Pakistan, every Indian shook their head in shame, accepting the defeat. Why so much drama you may ask?

It’s because of a long pending rivalry between both the teams. This rivalry has been present for a decade now and it has only ignited the spirit of team India.

However, the women’s team, on the other hand, couldn’t win the cup but have beat Pakistan and other teams, to show that they play equally well as boys do.

But, In a match with Australia, the player Ellyse Perry is seen obstructing Sushma Verma from taking a run. This portrays the sad state of cricket, wherein players don’t exhibit good sportsmanship and resort to cheating.

Watch this video here:

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