Kim Kardashians Looks Of Before And Now In Present


    Kim Kardashians is a world’s most famous reality TV series.This reality show is going on from eight years in America.Kardashians season10 is going now at present.If we take a small step backward of Kim Kardashians we will be knowing the change in them before and at present.Almost all the hollywood side love this reality show.Kardashians have more then 5millions of viewers on each episode.Kardashians are the star no matter what changes comes in them.

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    We love Kim Kardashians and their style.As time goes on everyone changes,even kardashians have changed.Let us have a look on Kim Kardashians changes in these period of time.

    Kim Kardashians Then VS Now

    Kim Kardashians Looks

    We love them or hate them they have totally changed from the first season,physically or naturally.Let us have a look in their change.

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    Kardashians Family.

    Kim Kardashian



    She is married to Kanye West and have two kids.She is blessed with perfect skin and cute smile.

    Kylie Jenner


    Kylie has build up her own makeup empire.She is dating with MTV2 star.She even gave the cover of magazine.She looked high in fashion.

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    Khloé Kardashian


    She changed her hair color to blonde.She is writing a book.

    Kourtney Kardashian


    She gave birth to two more kids.She worked hard after her pre-pregnancy to get back to her figure.

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    Kendall Jenner



    She became one of the toppest model in the world.

    Kris Jenner


    Kris Jenner is not a sister of kardashians.She is the women in the entertainment industry looking fit and healthy in the age of fifties.

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