Oddity is the prerogative of ‘weird’. Capable to stand on its own like a solid anchor – weirdness doesn’t demands attention, rather it gets it and the attention manifolds exponentially, when it’s a quirk of a public figure.

10 Weird Facts About Your Favorite Idols,Including The Famous Poop Cream!

Presenting a compilation of  TEN weird facts about your favorite idols. Adorning the various spectrum of weirdness, these facts may shock one , make you utter that F word or at most, make some re-read it ‘n’ times in an attempt to displace your denial. With that said, let’s hop on for our journey to “Odd” to meet its wizards.

Read it at your peril ; )

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1.Insect Diet-


We have heard about bizarre dieting fads- Cotton ball diet, air diet to name a few, but this one catches our attention like no other, Perhaps it’s because of its following by the “Oh-so-Famous-Lips”.

The Maleficent star, Angelina Jolie loves eating bee larvae, crickets and even, cockroaches in her diet and relishes every bit of it. May be that’s the secret to her radiant complexion.

Cockroaches for dinner, anyone?

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2.Poop Cream-


One man’s “trash” is other man’s “treasure”. Ms. Beckham seems to book mark this mantra, of-course with her tiny additions. To keep her skin clear and acne free, the posh star uses a cream made from nightingale’s “poop”.

If you are looking for a miracle treatment for that acne of yours, you know what to apply now.

3.Power point Presentation-


Ask any business major, and they will tell you their life is stuck in .ppt. But, ask Emma Stone and she might tell you a creative way to put it to usage.

To convince her parents to take up a career in acting profession, Emma Stone convinced them by making a power point presentation about it. Now, that’s it what we call convincing 2.0

4.Butterfly Effect-


Want to freak out Nicole Kidman? Gift her butterflies!

Moulin Rouge star, Nicole Kidman is shit scared of butterflies. To overcome her fear, she tried locking herself in a cage full of these colourful winged beauties but needless to say it went down the dumps.

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It’s not about Lady Gaga, it’s about her song. Okay, it’s about her or may be, both.

What can you do in 10 minutes- Eat one fourth of your lunch or May be charge your smart phone by 20 Percent, May be?

Well, prepare to be shocked when I tell you that LADY GAGA wrote her chartbuster “BORN THIS WAY” in Flat TEN minutes. Now, that’s some creative TENacity.

6.Picasso, Matisse and…. Pierce-


If you are re-reading the above subline with a satisfaction of finding a typo, we assure you that it’s not.

The James Bond, Pierce Brosnan is an accomplished painter and auctions his work to raise funds for charity from time to time. If you still don’t believe this, May be a glass of Shaken Not stirred Martini will make you.

7.Gaga Again-


Say Hello to Gaga, Again and this time it’s about her. Remember her gaga-sque appearance from giant egg at her award show performance. Reportedly, she has become so fond of it that she meditates in it.



We love Tans! Don’t We? It makes us look more instagramm-y, without having to add filters.

But, when one becomes obsessed with tan, then it becomes an issue known as Tanorexia. The Legendary designer, Donnatella Versace is one such celebrity facing this issue.

If you have noticed her pictures in fashion publications, she always appears to look tanned; always!

9.Brushing Time-


Well brushing your teeth twice is a good idea but overdoing it is, err.

It seems like most of the ‘wide awake’ time of Katy Perry goes into brushing her Pearlies as she does it six times a day. Even, mothers won’t approve of this or will they?



To err is natural. You do it, I do it and Oprah’s teacher did it. Oprah’s actual name is Orpah Winfrey, but as I said in a moment of err her teacher misplaced r and p making it Oprah.

Imagine thinking- The Orpah Winfrey Show.

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