Girlfriend’s Secret thinking

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Sometimes we look at our friend and we know what’s on his mind,but the same thing is not at all true about girls. It’s very difficult to know what’s going in their mind. At one moment they thinks so much,it would be asking for a pizza and the next moment they just hate it. Scientists have tried to decode some of the women’s thought process and this is what they came up with. No one knows what is going on in their mind. So guys do not think that you know what is your girlfriend thinking. Guys should keep in mind what their girlfriend likes/dislikes. Her best friend will be knowing everything about her. Guys secrets are not safe with her if you share its own your own risk.

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Guy and his GF is sitting but Girlfriend thinks about the second picture. She loves to hear “I Love You” again and again.


She will never tell that she is feeling bored.

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Her Friends are more important then yours.And even Guy have to give importance to her friends.


If you are married she wants Guy to have Sex.In bed she wil never tell that she had better sex before.She never shares what she thinks.

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She doesn’t like your clothes.She says clothes are very poor quality.She talks about your friends.Says he is really hot,this that.She talks so much but she wont share all of her secrets with you.She fakes alot.



She have habit of you wherever she is.If you are apart even for a day she wil sleep with your pillow or tshirt or anything which belons to you.She wil never tell you exactly with how many men she slept with.Her body which is soft and smooth all over is not natural.She thinks about her ex boyfriend and compares him with you.She wants you to talk a little dirty.