Anushka Sharma Talks About Marriage And Relationship

Anushka Sharma is the Bollywood actress and producer. Anushka made her career in hindi movies and is one of the most popular actress in India. Anushka Sharma was in relationship with cricketer virat kohli but rumours were that they are not together anymore. Anushka was recently seen in movie Sultan and it was blockbuster hit. Even another movie is coming soon. Recently she was in communication with media. She answered to the questions asked by media. They asked about marriage and relationship.

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Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

Anushka and Virat are in news for their relationship on and off. Media asked questions about both of them. She made sure that this time she will give them back answer.

Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

Media reporters asked about getting back together with Virat kohli. Anushka replied “I don’t want to talk about my personal life I have nothing to say about it. I FEEL THE INDIAN MEDIA DOESN’T HAVE THE MATURITY TO DEAL WITH IT. THEY CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHEN WE ARE OPEN ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIPS. I WAS OPEN ABOUT MY RELATIONSHIP, I SPOKE ABOUT IT AND I THOUGHT THAT WOULD BE RESPECTED, BUT IT’S NOT. PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT.”

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Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

Reporters even asked her about marriage but she got angry.  She says why are all trying to make it like i am running away after getting married.

Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

Her family shares that they would never stop her to do anything. And never pressure her for what she don’t want to do. Anushka says nobody from my family would ask about my marriage. And if someone do then my parents says its their life they will do whenever they want to.

Anushka Sharma Opens Up About Marriage

She wants to get married but by her own terms. A marriage is not a joke.

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