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Salman Khan’s Opinion On The Indo-Pak War

As we all know that India and Pakistan are not so friendly neighbors. The Indian province of Kashmir has always been a source of not so fruitful talks between both the countries. Kashmir issue has always been in the news. Amidst all of this Hungama and fights between both countries, comes Salman Khan’s response.

Salman gave a prompt and a meaningful reply when asked about his opinion on the Indo-Pak war. The actor made meaningless statements in the past, but it is quite opposite now. It is one of the most meaningful replies that has come from him.

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In the video, he’s seen saying that both the countries should follow peace instead of war. All this happened in a press conference held for the promotion of his upcoming film: “Tubelight”. According to the Star, Peace is the best solution between both the countries and violence don’t lead anywhere.

Watch this Video:

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