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Someone Asked Twinkle Why She Is “Khanna” & Not “Kumar”

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are enjoying their happy married life since 15 years currently. Ups and downs do come; however their chemistry and love has remained intact. Well one man had twitted and asked twinkle that why she is khanna not kumar. Check out beautiful reply of Twinkle Khanna.

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar

The couple takes to social media to share their ‘Happy Pictures’ with fans and this proves how crazy they’re for every alternative.

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Twinkle is ruling the Twitter with her zany and uproarious tweets. Mrs Funny Bones never forgets to entertain fans with her sense of humor and wit. May Be it is responsive absurd queries or be it giving her opinion on one thing, Twinkle has time and once made happy to everybody.

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar


Have you ever questioned on why Twinkle is ‘Khanna’ and not ‘Kumar’? Well, this man too had an equivalent question in his mind and he didn’t raise it once or doubly, however asked an equivalent question ‘4 times’ in four totally different tweets. what is more at the top he additionally supplemental ‘Got it’ that showed a way of domination.

Check Out The Tweet:

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar

Here are the 4 tweets:

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar

She had the foremost epic reply to the present tweet; have a look…

Why Twinkle Is Khanna But Not Kumar

Once again Twinkle Khanna has won our hearts along with her reply, isn’t it? She includes a easy statement i.e. she is MARRIED and not BRANDED.

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