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To Have A Friend Who Smokes Weed All The Time


A Friend Who Smokes Weed

We all have Friends.All are different,have different kinds of habit.As childrens grow up their mentally and everything changes.Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.Some of our friends are addicted to smoking,like weed.They pretend that it is their whole life. They swear by it, saying things like Did you know that Cannabis cures cancer?.Some friends give good advice and some join to this bad things.Some friends smoke weed all the time and it is not good for health.Friend who gives good advice from the group,some will agree with it and some of them wont leave it.Once they are addicted to Cannabis its hard to leave that habit.If you smoke weed and your friends too smoke you will enjoy staying with them,will have colorful life.

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Your whole apartment smells of weed so much you cannot smell anything bad even when you poop


You always have to have body spray on hand.

Music is ON all the time


And you find yourself shaking your head in sync with the beat every time

Nothing is taken seriously. Everything around is too chilled out


After smoking weed they dont know what’s going on,everything is funny for them.

They assume you think you’re superior because you don’t smoke.


You are the funniest guy around.


They laugh at everything.

Your relatives and apartment owner never ever visit you.


After smoking weed,there is so much trash lying around,and you need to clean it.

You will be so familiar with the smell of weed, that everywhere you feel “SOMEONE IS SMOKING WEED HERE!”


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You will have at least one question in your head each day. Everything is MINDBLOWING!


Thanks to your weed buddies.

Panic rises up when “maal” is not available in the city and you wonder why


All your food has to be locked in a cabinet because they will eat it all up


You hear too much conversation about how weed is actually good for you


But one thing is certain – Life is never, ever boring


You cannot live at one place forever you have to leave that place one day.They keep you entertained.

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