Technology can be a boon as well as a bane if not used correctly. Same thing happened with this girl.


Meet this 21-yr old Dj Adaa, A.K.A Shikha Tiwari.

She has committed various frauds, cheated many people and she’s on a lookout by the Jaipur Police since the past 5 months.

Fortunately, She was arrested yesterday.


The reason will make you laugh. She made the task of the police easier by coming live from her social media account.

deejay adaa

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She went live on Facebook to show her location and her hub for the party that night.

She didn’t know that the Police were also watching the live stream.

Shikha Tiwari was part of a notorious gang which threatened the rich people of the society in bowing down to their demands. It is reported that their gang has duped people of worth 20 Crore rupees.


Shikha had visited Dr.Sunit’s Hair Transplant clinic and became his best friend. They started hanging out and in no time they even started going for long vacations.

That’s when Shikha blackmailed the doctor and threatened him with false rape charges. She later got a FIR registered against him for Rape.


Dr.Sunit had to spend 3-months in jail for her false accusations. He then filed a counter-FIR and later decided to settle the case outside and paid 1 Crore to Shikha.


All thanks to Mark and Facebook. It has helped nab a serious offender like Shikha.

Who wouldn’t get fooled if the criminal has got such a beautiful face?

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