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A Lot Of Things Your Smart Phone Can Do,But Did You Know These?

Well our smartphones can’t make early morning coffee for us but the best part however is that technology just keeps on getting better, and we have more and more features than before. Here are some of the smart things which your smartphone is able to do:

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You can also control other devices with your infrared equipped phone: If you’re smart phone is equipped with infrared blasters, then you can easily control anything that can respond to infrared signals. That’s some Transformers action for you.

Use your Galaxy S4 to analyze temperature and humidity: If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, it is full of many useful useless features. However, one advantage is its ability to respond to temperature and humidity sensors. samsung_galaxy_S4_2510179b Link Your smart phone












Can act as an alarm clock: Your android based smart phone act as an alarm clock. It will also let you trigger the snooze mode when you say “snooze” or simply by waving your hand over the screen. Another benefit of the smart phone is that it can deliver reports as soon as you wake up. It is the best device which acts as a wireless personal assistant.

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Wake up to news, updates and information and that too without even touching the device: The Android smart phone can be used by using hand gestures without needing to touch the screen. By moving your hand over the screen, you will be able to implement tasks and dismiss notifications. Most importantly the voice control is also very useful.

Start your car: Yes, with an android based smart phone it is also possible for you to start your car with your phone. However, you will first of all have to install a Viper Module. When this process is complete, you will not only be able to start your car remotely but you will also be able to find it with the GPS feature.

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Scanner: The camera which you have on your smart phone is an all-seeing feature which at times can be quite useful. When you combine it with the on board computing power, it can act as a powerful scanner. You will be able to use it to scan a barcode, a business card into your list of contacts or even for scanning receipts for your records. These are therefore some of the best things which you didn’t know that you’re smart phone can do!

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