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Top 10 Shared Web Hosting Companies List Of 2016

We all know the importance of a good host for our website. Web Hosting companies provide various type of hosting plans which serves different needs of different clients. These companies provide shared hosting, dedicated hosting, wordpress managed hosting, etc. Here I am going to recommend you top 10 web hosting companies which are providing shared hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means the server and the resources available are shared among many users. In this hosting, every user will have certain limitations for using the resources like – disk space, monthly traffic, email accounts, FTP accounts, database, etc.

Performance resources like RAM, CPU, Apache server, MYSQL server, etc are also shared. Shared hosting is the most economically preferable option, as the cost of the single machine is paid on the sharing basis.

So, What Are The Benefit’s Of Shared Hosting ?

  • The most important benefit of using a shared hosting is Low Price .
  • Performance resources like RAM, CPU, Apache server, MYSQL server, etc are also shared.
  • Shared hosting is the most economically preferable option, as the cost of the single machine is paid on the sharing basis.
  • It doesn’t require Linux administration skills.
  • While using the shared hosting, what you need to do is just upload your website or web based system and configures it to work.

Why Should You Not Use Shared Hosting For High Traffic Sites ?

  • The Most Important Reason , for not using a shared hosting for a high traffic site is Limited Resources .
  • If one user connected to the physical server is having heavy traffic on his website, then other users will also suffer with low performance , because of shared resources.
  • One other disadvantage is the inability to install modules and programs on the server that you need to run your website and scripts.

As there are many hosting companies, which provide shared hosting to the customers, it becomes hard to select one from them. Here, in order to narrow down the spectrum of choices, I would like to compare and discuss features of best 10 companies, who are providers of shared hosting. We will also mention that why you should go for particular hosting.

So, Here Is The List Of , Top 10 Web Hosting Companies Of All Time :


bh-ppc-banners-dynamic-728x90 If you will ask for the best shared hosting company, then 8 out of 10 people will suggest you BlueHost. BlueHost is providing shared hosting since more than 20 years as they have started in 1996. They have been consistent in the quality of their services. It is your pocket friendly hosting service, which provides features mentioned below:

  • You get a Free Domain.
  • Easy to use CPanel with full features.
  • Premium anti-spam solutions in CPanel itself.
  • Automatic daily backup of your code and database.
  • Seamless CloudFlare integration(Built-in CDN support)
  • It also offers you complete Money-back guarantee.
  • You get 24*7 support via live chat, calls and Email.
  • The best part is , it’s Server Uptime , which helps your site always up and running.

View complete plans of Bluehost – here

Check current going offers of BlueHosthere


dh_banner_728x90This company was started in 1997 and still a big name of the industry. They have over 1.5 million customers for websites, blogs and apps . They even don’t have any limitations on how many websites you can host on their shared hosting plan . Its unlimited , yes .

Now let’s look at some of the key features Dreamhost shared hosting plan offers :

  • They offer unlimited bandwidth , disk storage and mysql databases , which mean it doesn’t restrict you on number of websites you can host . (Don’t forget to read fair usage policy of hosting companies.)
  • Best part is , they provide SSD hosting . That means , you get a faster transfer rate to run your codes and resources.
  • A free domain with privacy protection . (Not all companies offer free privacy protection.)
  • You will also custom Cpanel , which is the easiest way to manage your website hosting from one panel.
  • For marketing purpose they give all their shared hosting customers Free Adword credit worth $100 .
  • They have a 27*7 customer support to keep you running . (They don’t have telephone support)

View complete plans of DreamHost – here


namecheap-hostingNote : some users have reported issues while auto – renewal .

Here is a quick summary of what namecheap offers in its shared hosting plan :

  • It offers Shared hosting in lesser price than the price of domain name !
  • We all love good support , and namecheap offers us  – superfast chat and phone support.
  • Very Easy Checkout Process .
  • Suggestion engine is quite good for new services if you like.
  • 30 days money back guarantee , so that you can use and test their service.

View complete plans of NameCheap – here



InMotion is one of the big names in hosting companies. It started in 2001 and has developed a brand. It is one of the large and stable hosting companies. They have a huge Knowledge base resource which is uncommon for other hosting companies.

This is what InMotion Offers in their shared hosting plan : 

  • It offers you Industry standard uptimes with 99.99% , which is very important to keep your site running.
  • For someone having less technical knowledge, i suggest you go with InMotion . It offers cpanel and also it have extensive knowledgebase to read and learn yourself
  • Now this is what we all like , they offer Free Daily Backup . How’s that?
  • Very few company offers a 90 days money back guarantee , so you can try InMotion without worrying about your money !
  • If you are in the world of web, you would be very well aware of the importance of Support from a company which provides services. They provide fast and good support.
  • One thing i personally don’t like about InMotion Shared Hosting Plan is they offer you limited Database creation . Mean , you won’t able to create as many databases as you want.

View complete plans of InMotion – here


hostgator-hosting Hostgator , my personal favourite after bluehost. They always have $0.1 offer running which let you check their service. Well , i have personally used many web hosting services and believe me Hostgator have the best support system. Their online chat support has many times solved my silly problems . No doubt , hostgator is one of the best hosting companies ever .

So , let’s look at some of the quick features they offer : 

  • Just like Dreamhost , they give unlimited storage , ftp , site hosting and mysql databases ( in some of their plans) .
  • I have used their cpanel , and its just so easy to work on. For all those who have less technical  knowledge and wants to manage their site themselves will find their cpanel very smooth and awesome.
  • Free site builder , if you want to quickly launch a self drag and drop kinda site.
  • They have a 24 * 7 online and telephonic support , as i have already told you earlier .
  • They also offer’s Free Google Ad Credits worth $100 .
  • And yes , they supports Ruby on Rails !

View complete plans of HostGator – here


bigrockThis is one of the hosting service which has emerged very well in very less time. Yes , started in India in 2010 and it is already empowering more than 200,000 websites . I am using Bigrock for few of my domains and personally i didn’t like their support. Servers are good and you can give it a try especially if you are from India and your traffic is mostly Indian.

Let’s take a look what bigrock offers in its shared hosting plan : 

  • They have a range of plans to cater different type of customers.
  • You can host a maximum of 3 websites in their best plan i.e Business Plan.
  • If you are short with budget , they offer you web hosting starting at just $1 ( Though with very limited resources ).
  • As i told you earlier , they have an Average type of Support. And they have fixed timing (Not 24 *7 ) per day .
  • They offer you do it yourself website builder and quick app installers  so you can quickly setup your site at one-click (most of the web hosting companies offer these ) .

View complete plans of BigRock – here


godaddy-hosting-service-offersThis is one name , that’s probably everybody in website industry knows ! Quite famous for its $1 domain name , godaddy offers you a lot of services which includes but not limited to domain registration , web hosting , emails , seo services and many more .

Let’s quickly have a look at its shared hosting plan offers :

  • Like most of the hosting companies , godaddy offers many shared hosting plans.
  • They offer different storage capacity , number of website hosting is limited on some plans and bandwidth also depends on different plans.
  • They have limitation on mysql storage capacity of 1 GB ( Guess for all plans ) .
  • They offer free email address (Number of email address varies with plans) .
  • Their phone support is very good , but online support is quite average .
  • Site uptime is ordinary when compare’s to other webhostings.
  • One-click app installer and good knowledge base are few more features they offer .

View complete plans of Godaddy  – here


hostmonster-hosting-offers This company is owned by Endurance International , which owns brands with the likes of Bluehost and Hostgator .Hostmonster datacenter is located in Provo, Utah with the same facilities as their sister brand BlueHost.

  • They too have different plans for different needs . Each plan have their specific storage capacity, bandwidth , mysql databases , email address and extras.
  • Usual Features Like Free Domain, Instant Setup and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • They Offer Free Ad Credits Worth $200 ,$100 each of Google AdCredit And Bing AdCredit .  (Not all plans have this offer)
  • They use CPanel as the backend of the hosting, which is very simple and straight forward.
  • As they use MOJO marketplace, they have strong selection of apps and scripts available within.
  • They have a 24 * 7 support , that can help you resolve your hosting problems .

You can get better value for your money with any other hosting company. Personally, I will not suggest this hosting as you can get better choices. Other sister companies like BlueHost, Hostgator and other companies also provide better service in lower rate.

View complete plans of HostMonster  – here


justhost-hosting-offersHere is a quick shared hosting features of JustHost :

  • They offers 3 hosting plans . Each plan caters to different need of customers.
  • Free domain , one click installer , custom cpanel .
  • Free $200 worth ad credits as $100 each of google and bing credits .
  • Justhost offers 30-days money back guarantee .
  • 24*7 support to help with your queries .

View complete plans of JustHost – here


greengeeks-shared-hostingIt is an Eco hosting, I would say 300% Green hosting. The reason behind the greenery of this hosting is mentioned as below in WHSR –
For every unit power consumed, GreenGeeks will purchase three times (hence, the figure 300%) of it, in wind-powered energy form, and send it back to the grid to offset the company’s carbon footprint.

Here is quick shared hosting feature list of GreenGeeks :

  • They offer unlimited bandwidth and storage under one account .
  • Offers free website migration (very few companies offer this) , so if you are on a different host and want to switch , greengeeks makes it easy for you .
  • They have a daily backup policy which takes free nightly backup of your data , ensuring peace of mine .
  • Free Domain , Website Building tools , Marketing And Seo tools .
  • 30 – days money back guarantee.
  • They claim a 99.9 % Uptime Guarantee .

View complete plans of GreenGeeks – here

So, here the list of top 10 shared web hosting companies ends. There is no concept like BEST HOSTING, whatever fits best to your requirement, performance, and expertise level is good for you. So, instead of going with other person’s opinion, compare the features of the hosting companies and your requirement and get your best fit choice.
Your reviews are welcomed in the comment section, so feel free to comment is you used any of the above or any other hosting for your blog or website.

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