10 Ways To Keep Yourself Fit Using Household Items. Bye Bye Gym.


Nowadays the top most priority is to get in shape but coronavirus breakdown has made it too difficult to exercise as Fitness Centers are closed , thanks to Lockdown

But fitness freak people need not worry and must take advantage of staying at home and get little creative around their house. So many items are available nearby to keep oneself in shape during this bad time such as frying pans, detergent bottles, or beer cans. We will tell you ten ways to stay fit during the stay-at-home workout using only household items.


A chair is not only used for sitting but has so many uses when one craves to exercise at home. To do so place one chair in an open area where you would like to exercise. Begin your workout with push-ups by placing your hands on the seat of the chair and do push-ups. Also try low push-ups by placing your feet on the chair and do them.

You can even use your chair for dips. Place both your hands in the front corner of the chair seat and extend your legs in front of you. You have to lower yourself by bending your elbows and then raise yourself back up to complete one rep. If needed, you may add an extra chair under your feet if any difficulty. You can even enjoy your workout watching any of your favorites on TV.


To arrange a backpack and stuff it with the load to strengthen it for your bodyweight movements is not at all difficult. It is only that you have to look around. To stuff the bag you may require old books, clothes or sawdust. Check if the backpack is stuffed as per your comfort level, put it around yourself for lunges, squats, push-ups, or cardio workout.


Heavy books are useful if you are exercising from home so just grab a few to continue your work out regime. You can do the floor exercise by lying on your back and putting hands in the air and holding the books over or by sitting on the chair and holding your legs together in front of your body and placing the heavy books on your tibia and steadily raise or lower the legs for pressure.


Rather than just wiping off your body,a towel has many other benefits of serving you.Don’t you have a yoga mat? No worries,use a towel.A towel can prove to be your friend in stretching before and after your workout.You can even replace support belt with towel for other workouts.

If you try a plank pose,place a folded towel under the feet and slightly move your body upward and glide your feet towards your hands.You can easily dry your sweat with the towel while exercising.


This is a for sure item available at everyone’s place if previous may not be.Walls offer great stability for exercising and stretching.You can perform quads, gluts,wall-sits.For push-ups you have to face the wall and perform a basic push-up against the wall.You can also walk or run from one wall to the other and vice-versa for and again.


Paper plates are useful to continue your workout for another day as sliders.These can be utilized on tiles and carpets too.Perform plank jacks,pikes or twisting your knees and back about a 90-degree angle.


To work-out using rope,you will have to arrange 8 feet rope to begin your workout.It will act as resistance band to perform few exercises like roll up-down,planks with legs.It will also prove useful for stretching before and after the work-out. You may even pull it up with all your strength to build up your stamina and grip.


Every home be it small or big has a stair-case,that can be used for heart pumping or muscle burning.It helps in a great work-out if you run up or down the stairs.If you are interested in making it more difficult use your backpack and then climb the stairs to and fro.Also continue with your push-ups,dips or some stretching.

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