He’s all over the news now!

kalpit veerwal
On Thursday, Kalpit got the shock of his life after getting a call from an unknown number. It was none other than CBSE Board’s Chairman, RK Chaturvedi.

He had personally called Kalpit to congratulate him on his success in the exam.

Kalpit hails from Udaipur. He belonged to a middle-class family, Where his father, Pushkar Lal Veerwal works as a compounder in a Govt. Hospital and his mother work as a Hindi lecturer in a Govt. School.

When asked, Kalpit wasn’t sure of scoring full marks.

He says:

“I always had a feeling that I would get a high score but never expected to get all India rank 1.”

For all who wonder whether he topped via his caste, remember we don’t want to divide people on the basis of caste.

For the information, He topped in both the General and the Scheduled categories as the score is 360/360.

kalpit veerwal

When spoken about his interests, Kalpit said:

“I always had a keen interest in Science and always wanted to excel a career in the engineering field. To achieve my goals in life, I started taking coaching since Class 8 from a renowned coaching center in the state.”

kalpit veerwal

Listen up Guys and Girls, This is his advice for future JEE aspirants:

“I studied 6-7 hours a day and took a break for some extracurricular activities like cricket and badminton to refresh my mind. I would advise all the aspirants to do regular studies and should not take studies as burdens rather take it as a challenge.”

On behalf of Snowyduck, we wish him all the best for his upcoming JEE Advanced Examination.