Securing the First Man of United States of America


    Protective Visits

    There are many occasions where the president needs to leave the country, alone or with family, for visiting places for official purposes. These are mitigated and well planned visits that include several tier security plans. Teams of the secret service travel in advance and make a map of the entire visit, point out potential problem areas and conduct site surveys. Once the security team is convinced, only then the protectees are brought in. There is a constant radio communication between the team present with the president and the one at site.   The local authorities of public services like fire, rescue etc are alerted and instructed to cooperate at all times.

    President’s Airplane- Air Force One

    What is air force one ? Us President Air plane
    Air Force One is the official aircraft of the United States Air Force carrying the President of U.S. It is specially designed, built and used for the purpose of carrying the president and over the years has become symbolic of American presidency and power. A number of aircrafts have been used as Air Force One’s including Boeing 707s.

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