Securing the First Man of United States of America


    Presidential State Car

    Car Of Us President and its security
    The presidential state car is the official car used by the president of USA. Many models have made it to the list but the most recent one to be customized as the president’s car is ‘a Chevrolet-Kodiak based, Cadillac-badged limousine’, often referred to as Cadillac One or Limousine One (in line with Air Force One).  This car is equipped with advance communication facilities, special convenience features, armor plating, and defense countermeasures.

    Protective Research

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    This is a key component of all security operations (sec ops). The agents assigned to carry out protective research assess the information acquiesced from intelligence department, law enforcement etc to look for potential threats to the protectees. Their work also includes evaluating disputed letters and emails to White house.

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