Tiny was again hiding. In the same basement of the old abandoned building. The boys were cruel. They were always throwing stones at him or tying up crackers in his tail. But what could poor Tiny do? He was just a wee little dog. “Street breed mongrel”, the boys called him. What a sad life Tiny had. One of the teaser boys had a dog too. The pet,they all called him. Everyone in the boys family loved the pet. But Tiny didn’t like him. He thought the pet was fat and lazy. Unlike Tiny,he ate a lot of food. Tiny had seen the boy feeding his fat pet lots of food. Tiny didn’t ate that much food. Not that he had anyone to feed him. Nonetheless,a few scraps from here and there were enough to make his belly happy. Still everybody liked and wanted the pet. Nobody liked and wanted Tiny. Tiny was a sad,unwanted,street breed mongrel.

It was cold and raining. Tiny was shivering and searching for a place to save himself from the rain. He passed by the teaser boy’s house and saw his fat pet comfortably snuggled in his kennel. Tiny had nowhere to go. Wherever he went,people shooed him away. He reached the abandoned building’s basement. Tiny was relieved as finally he had a place where he could be warm and dry. Some time later,he heard someone whimpering. A human. Tiny was not pleased. All human beings were mean to him. He didn’t like men. The whimpering turned into sobbing after some time. Finally,Tiny followed the sound and found the little working girl from the teaser boy’s house curled in a corner crying her eyes out. She looked very sad. Just like he was. She had a wound at her ankle poorly nursed. When she saw Tiny she retreated even more into the corner. It looked like she was scared of him. This was new for Tiny. Nobody was scared of him. Everyone troubled and teased him. It was he who was scared of most of the barbaric,inhuman human beings. He wanted to go back to his old spot but the little girl was looking so dejected. How could Tiny leave her so? All alone in this big,dark,abandoned building. So he stayed. Right there by the side of the girl. It was clear the girl was scared of him and wanted him gone but Tiny didn’t go. He stayed by her side,throughout the cold rainy night.

The next night,when Tiny came back to the old abandoned building,he saw that the little girl was back again. With her she had a small bundle of food. She unwrapped it and started eating it silently. Tiny,being the brutally violated and abused “street breed mongrel” didn’t expect any share in it. So off he went and occupied his place by the side of the girl. But luck tonight had a surprise in store for Tiny. The girl slowly slid a scrap of leftover bone towards Tiny. Tiny was beyond surprised but he wasn’t a fool. Life had taught him some of its lessons well. Though he wanted to,he didn’t took the bone. It was a delicacy offered to him out of the first act of kindness he had experienced in his entire life. But the girl was nonetheless a human and for all that Tiny had seen,humans were not capable of kindness towards stray dogs like him. All their kindness was for fat lazy pure breed pet’s like the teaser boy’s pet with long, shiny fur. He was skeptical. The girl slid another scrap of food towards him.Tiny couldn’t resist so much of temptation. He attacked the bones with all the vengeance. The girl,on seeing this laughed and Tiny;for the first time since forever,felt happy with a human. For the first time,Tiny had found a friend at last. The girl was scared of the teaser boy’s pet as he used to bite her and chase her for nothing. But she was not scared of Tiny. And for the first time,Tiny was the loved one. He used to follow the girl wherever she went,tongue lapping and tail wagging and the little girl regularly used to bring leftover scraps of food and her friendship,love and affection for Tiny. The old abandoned building had now become their spot of meeting. The boys still bullied and beat Tiny. The lazy pet dog still terrorized the girl. But neither of them minded their troubles so much now. They had each other now. In this big bad world of inhuman humans and brutal animals…a transcendental friendship and companionship was formed between a true human and a feeling animal.

Tiny’s friend was going somewhere. Away from the teaser boy’s home and his lazy, fat pet. She came to say goodbye to Tiny. Tiny didn’t want her to go. She was tiny’s only friend.and Tiny loved her. Did his friend even know that from a few days,street dog catchers were out there catching dogs like Tiny and taking them away to kill or sell them. In no time,they will come for tiny as well. And with his friend gone,once again there will be no one for Tiny. But how could Tiny tell his friend to stay. He couldn’t speak like humans. Tiny was miserable with sorrow.

The dog catchers finally came. They caught Tiny and brutally shoved and hauled him up the van. The teaser boy and his friends were laughing,seeing Tiny. Nobody took the teaser boy’s fat lazy pet dog. Tiny’s only friend was gone from there. Were she here.she might have saved him. But she was long gone. They started the van.Tiny was being taken away. But then he saw someone was running up to the van. Tiny was delighted to see his l friend running towards the van to save him. His friend loved him too. But the van was pulling away.Tiny had to do something. They were taking him away. He could not see his friend now,but he had to do something. He started barking and struggling. All his ruckus loosened the lock of the van and luck for the second time favoured Tiny. The moment the lock loosened Tiny jumped off the van and ran to his friend in hope of finding him.  But when he reached the place where he had last seen his friend,he found no one.Tiny searched the nearby areas but their was no sign of his friend. The teaser boy and his friends began teasing and pelting him the moment they saw Tiny. But poor tiny was heartbroken. With limp movements,he walked back to the old abandoned building. Tiny had lost his friend forever and now he was as alone as ever. Again,he had no one and no one wanted him. Again,he was just a street breed mongrel. But when a lost and dejected Tiny entered the old abandoned building,he jumped with joy. There she was,huddled in the same corner,his little friend crying her heart out for Tiny. Tiny ran to her barking madly with joy and happiness. His friend looked towards him and laughing with joy ran for Tiny. She hugged tiny and tiny was ecstatically wagging his tail. Finally, Tiny had got his friend.and this time for forever. Together,they had shared their sorrows and happiness and now together,they embarked on a new journey of life. There will be many teaser boys and lazy,fat pure breed pets but this time Tiny was not alone. He had his friend and a bond of true and pure friendship,love, affection,loyalty and trust. Now,they had nothing to be afraid of.

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