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What Do Perfect Looking Bollywood Celebs Eats In Breakfast?

Somebody said it right,” Eat breakfast like a king,” that signifies that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When the word ‘breakfast’ strikes the mind, what comes to think is the tasty paranthas. It is not always that these actresses eat only the food that has low-calorie value or the ones that detoxify our body but are full-time foodies too. So let’s find out more…..


Ms. foodie loves to relish eating stuff but keeps a check on her intake as well. For breakfast, she adds foods, be it the seasonal fruits or the vegetable juices that are fresh or the richest of all fruits, i.e., papaya. Her morning diet also includes sugar-free tea or coffee and even light sandwiches or eggs rich in protein. She is too selective for poha, which is a wholesome eatable enriched with carbohydrates and iron.


This Diva has her charm in her looks as she is a fitness icon for many of us. Fitness freak she is but never skips her breakfast too wise she is with a healthy mind in her fit body. She intakes oats soaked in almond milk for overnight and fruits that include banana, apricots, pomegranate, and apples. She strongly believes one should live life to the fullest and eat clean food and must follow the fitness regime, be it gym or yoga.


In an interview with Women’s Health, the actress quoted, “one should never starve for food,” but fitness should not be forgotten. In another interview with The Hindustan Times, she emphasized drinking at least ten glasses of water per day. For breakfast, she opts for an Avocado toast or an omelet. She also intakes idli, dosa, and poha and also the paranthas.


This glamorous actress used to intake unhealthy foodstuff in her teenage that added fat to her body and harmed her skin too. Then she got conscious and followed a good regime and turned into a slim, lean hot girl. For her breakfast, she includes intake of lemon and warm water as the first thing in the morning.This is the best part to remove toxins from the body and add radiance to the skin. After this, she follows oatmeal and fruits later brown bread and egg whites.


This Bollywood actress is heading towards her fifties but still looks like in thirties. The secret of her everlasting beauty lies in the eating schedule that she follows for herself and her family. Her morning begins with a cup of tea that she is desperate for. Her breakfast includes oatmeal, three egg whites, and toast. She also relishes Kanda poha and leafy vegetables.


Blessed with a tall, lean, and slender body structure, Deepika is happy to go when it comes to her life. She intakes South Indian food more that includes idli, dosa,upma, and poha followed with the egg whites and omelet. She follows her fitness trainer’s advice in her daily life for perfect body shape. What she does is she keeps her eating in balance like for a day she indulges a good food lot, and the next day she goes light.


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Written by Minky Chawla

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