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10 Memes That Prove Bobby Deol Was Way Beyond The Time.

Bobby Deol is the son of Bollywood super star Dharmendra and his first wife Prakash Kour.

The famous actor Bobby Deol has been starred in various famous movies such as Barsaat, Bichchhu, Sainik, Gupt etc. Bobby Deol is very popular on social media and he is having a good fan following on instagram.

From past few days, few videos and pictures of Bobby Deal are getting viral on social media platforms. In the video Bobby Deol is seen saying that ” Mai Vo Sab Dekh Sakta Hu Jo Aap Nahi Dekh Sakte”. In the other side, in the second video he is doing RT-PCR Test on Aishwarya Rai. And it can also been seen in that video when he is asking his brother Sunny Deol not to touch her. “Haath Mat Lagana Bhaiya Kahin Ye Bimari Mujhe Na Lag Jaye”.

That’s why people on social media are telling that Bobby Deol is Lord Bobby. As he can see the future when these things not even existed.

In this article, we have collected few memes which prove that Bobby Deol is way beyond the time and is really a Lord Bobby.

List of Bobby Deol Memes That Shows He Is Beyond Time

  1. Before the net banking system was launched , he hacked the bank accounts

2. Lord Bobby using earpods in 2008

3. Even the best cricket umpire is personally trained from Lord Bobby

4. Lord Bobby was aware of corona virus in 1999

5. Hollywood also copies Lord Bobby

6. Bobby can defeat the tiger too

7. It’s not a honey trap, its a Bobby trap

8. Lord Bobby just admitted that he can see the future

9. Lord Bobby is seen using GoPro in 2002

10. Master chef Lord Bobby

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Written by Soulful Girl

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