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Indo-China War Apprehensions: Sneak Into Countries Standing In Favors And Against India

India is the biggest democracy in the world. After Independence, all the government has been elected through ballets, whereas China’s Mao has given a slogan ‘The freedom and development comes out from the muzzle of a gun.’ Sordidly, the world today is hurled by Hitler and Goebbels. For Hitler is appearing in a new avatar of XI Jin Ping. The imperialistic avarice of XI Jin Ping first surfaced on 18 March 2018, when Jin Ping secured a Life Premiership of People’s Republic of China. Chinese disputes with neighboring Nations are not hidden, and China’s aggression and taking over of Ladakh is a yesterday chronicle of World History.

Apprehensions for War

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In today’s scenario, the Chinese aggression on India’s border is alarming and disturbing. She is not fearful of being engaged in any conflict to save her border. Every war brings internecine destructions to life, prosperity, and peace. Now if India and China are at war, what will happen to both the countries and how the International Community will react to this mega event. Both countries have the most considerable military strength and possess strong armament.

India’s Military Strength V/S China’s Military Strength


Chinese Military Strength

The military capability of China has recently been downsized its ground force to the size of around one million active troops. Its firepower includes 6457 combat tanks, 4788 armored fighting vehicles, 1710 self-propelled artillery, 6246 towered artillery, and 1770 rocket projectors. China has ramped up Naval force in recent times and has 714 vessels, with one aircraft carrier, 51 frigates, 35 destroyers, 35 corvettes, 68 submarines, 220 Patrol crafts, and 51 mini warfare vessels. The People’s Liberation Army Air Force has a strength of 2955, with 1271 fighter aircraft, 1385 attack aircraft, 782 transporters, 352 trainer aircraft, 912 helicopters of which 206 are attack helicopters.

China, as per estimates, has a stockpile of 270 Nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles having a range of 15000 km. China has at least 90 ICBMs, of which 60 are land-based, and 24 are submarines based.

Indian Military Strength

In comparison, India has around 1.2 active personnel, 4426 combat tanks, 290 self-propelled artillery, 6704 armored fighting vehicles, and 290 rocket projectors. India Navy has 295 vessels, 14 fighters, 11 destroyers. Twenty-three corvettes, 15 submarines, 139 patrol crafts, and six mini warfare vessels. India has one aircraft carrier. India’s nuclear warhead is roughly half of the stockpile of China, nearly 130 in number. India’s Agni-V to hit a target up to 6000 Km.

In comparison, of armaments, though, the Indian Army is at a smaller size. Still, in state of the art technology, India is far superior to China’s old and un-credentialed war machine technology. India’s new acquisition of Rafale is another advantageous technological score over China in defending India’s borders. It is a 5th Generation state of the arts startling air power to hit and strike as when and where India decide to choose with Hammer power.


There will be no third country openly and directly siding with China against India in an armed conflict or a full-fledged war. China will then be a story of ‘the Devil and the Imp,’  i.e., China and North Korea or Pakistan.


China will undoubtedly use India’s neighbor enemy Pakistan in the Indo-China war to open a new war front for India. Pakistan Army has lost all the battles with India. Thus Pakistan Army may try to engage the Indian Army in another war front on the western border. However, Pakistan’s citizens may or may not support Pakistan Army’s war mood with India for many reasons, especially poverty and a moribund economy.


Pakistan is a virtually failed country and has reduced to a small nursery of terrorists, hardliner mercenaries, fanatics, and drug dealers, all under the protection of Pakistan Army Incorporated. Pakistan’s political and literary intelligentsia is sure of the end of Pakistan in a full-throttled military conflict with India. The Baloch and Sindh will simultaneously rise against Pak establishment for their freedom.

North Korea


China, as a country, does not enjoy a company of strong and faithful friend nations except North Korea. This is because of its geographical oneness and North Korea’s puppetry dependence on China. In the case of direct military conflict or war with India, North Korea can be used as a trump card.

China will use North Korea against the United States of America, Japan, and South Korea because it’s a nuclear arsenal. However, the role of North Korea will be dependant on the strategic necessity of the initial results of the war. It also depends on the mood of Xi Jinping and the Chinese Military Commission.


India, on the other hand, is a thriving and a vibrant democratic country. That upholds all the international norms and consensus on business, commerce, humanitarian and law & justice. It has always stood for sacrosanct principles of Ahimsa, equality, and brotherhood. Due to the present political government’s diplomatic achievements, India has many reliable and faithful friends nations. That includes the USA, Israel, Japan, France, Russia, Australia, Bhutan, many Middle-East Country states, and numerous other nations as well.



Australia has just recently suffered a severe and massive cyberattack of Chinese hackers. They are openly against China and is cooperating with India in naval arrangements in the Indian Ocean to counter China.



Japan is also not mincing the words and is vocal and open while denouncing Chinese belligerence in the Ladakh region. They have decided to sign a pact for intelligence sharing with India, Australia, and the U.K. And not rely solely on the U.S. for its security needs against China. The Indian Navy and Japanese Maritime Self Defence Forces conducted a joint training exercise in the Indian Ocean. This is amid the ongoing India-China border standoff in Ladakh.

Experts believe that the timings of India-Japan drills are significant. The content of these drills is tactical and communication training with no specific situation. It was the 15th such training exercise between Japan and the Indian Navy during the past three years. To broaden defense collaboration with a common enemy in sight – China, both countries are making efforts.


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India and Russia have a defense treaty since long, and Russia has helped India in the war against Pakistan substantially. Russia has given India air-fighter Migs, T 90 tanks, and many other advanced technologies.

Recent Technological Support By Russia


Russia has agreed to supply India S400 Triumf anti-missile system from October 2020. An anti-ballistic missile system designed to intercept ballistic missiles in the endo-atmosphere at an altitude of 30 kilometers ( 19 miles), within 2000 kilometers with a speed of 4.5 Mach. S 400 Triumf can tackle multiple aerial threats at long ranges and can blow Stealth fighters like American F 35 or F 22 and any missile or aircraft flying 5 meters above the ground level. It can travel at a Speed up to Mach 14 or 17,000 kilometers per hour.

In this context, S 400 will, thus, be a game-changer in Indian arsenal. S 400, in a near range, can strike a missile while the same is rising above the platform or from the silo. In case a nuclear rocket is destroyed while launching, all the havoc will be at the place of its launch. Thus, S 400 will change the war theatre and terms of war. When S 400 acquired, India will be safe from any threats from the Chinese and its Imps, Pakistan, and North Korea.  

S 400 Triumf will thus preempt every war threat.


Brahmos missile, which is being produced by India and Russia jointly, is another invincible weapon. China does not have any technology to destroy this missile. It can carry the Nuclear warhead as well. Brahmos, designated PJ -10, is a medium ramjet supersonic cruise missile. Brahmos can be launched from submarines, ships, aircraft, or land. It is the fastest supersonic cruise missile in the world with a targeting range of 500 kilometers.


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Israel has openly declared to support India in any conflict with China despite its strong business relations with China. Many other countries are with India in favor of India’s stand on Peace, non-violence, and goodwill for all the nations.

Countries Offering Diplomatic Support

In an Indo-China war, it is tough to expect all the Super-Power countries to send their troops against China and taking active involvement because it may unnecessarily trigger a Nuclear World War ending the very human existence on this planet Earth. China’s Imp can also be not lost sight of, which has China’s nuclear technology.

Instead of active military participation against China in an Indo-China war, these Super Powers – USA, France, Britain, and Russia and others may otherwise support India diplomatically and by imposing Sanctions and blockades against China to control and clog Chinese Imperialism.

Last but not least, China is otherwise on a grinding stone because of COVID 19, which has stalled and clogged every economy of the world, of a small nation or big nation. It is a story of  “ the Devil and the Imp.”

What do you think?

Written by Harigandha Singh

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