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Things Your Didn’t Know About Ex Boy Friends Of Sara Ali Khan and Jhanvi Kapoor?

Sara Ali Khan is not known for being outgoing on social media. But the netizens went haywire when she recently posted a cozy picture with who what we feel is her boyfriend, Veer Pahariya.

Who is Veer Pahariya?

He is the son of Sanjay Pahariya, a Mumbai-based businessman. Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Union Minister is his maternal grandfather.

An Aspiring Singer

After finishing his schooling from Delhi, Veer moved to Dubai to pursue his career in music.

Wait, What About Ishaan Khattar?

News has it that Ishaan is now a thing of the past for Sara, or is it? Ishaan Khattar is Shahid Kapoor’s half-brother.

After the universally known history between Shahid and Kareena Kapoor, Ishaan hooking up with Sara, Kareena’s step-daughter is kind of poetic, no?

Veer’s Brother Shikhar Pahariya is Jhanvi Kapoor’s Boyfriend

Shikhar Pahariya is dating Sridevi Kapoor’s daughter, Jhanvi Kapoor, who has already stolen millions of hearts with her latest movie, Dhadak.

Well what does the future hold for these lovebirds? Only time will tell. Until then, you doves have our blessings!

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