Will you marry a Raped Girl Check peoples reactions.


    They Asked If You Would Marry A Raped Girl,And This Is How People Reacted.

    Would You Marry A Raped Girl?


    Whenever you hear an incident of rape , I am sure this question comes up in your mind.You think are you that good to actually give a girl a reason to cheer.


    Well , if you ever faced this situation then you are not alone.We all have this little emotion for those who are unfortunate, But how many of us convert it into reality?This questions seems yet unanswered.

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    But for now ,this video from youtube have got viral ,check out how people reacted when asked if they would marry a raped girl.

    We stumbled upon this interesting video that asks a very intriguing question: Would you marry a rape survivor? or Would you allow your son to marry a rape survivor?

    The question is intriguing because it pokes your superficial persona and reaches out to your soul, where you’re left with only two choices: yes or no. And you already know that ‘no’ is not the correct answer.

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