If you’re looking for a brand new laptop to put in UNIX system onto, then you may need to recognise this, yes, if you’re attending to install any UNIX system distribution on Microsoft Signature Edition PCs from Lenovo then consider before putting in, the agreement with Microsoft can block the installation of different operational systems.

You Can’t Install Linux On Microsoft Signature Edition PCs

You Can’t Install Linux On Microsoft Signature Edition PCs

A user, called BaronHK discovered that in his new Lenovo Yoga 900, he’s enable to install any UNIX distribution. He purchased the laptop computer as a part of the “Signature Edition” of Microsoft Windows 10 Home that comes pre-installed and guarantees users a “clean” bloatware free expertise.

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A Lenovo representative declared that its agreement with Microsoft blocked the installation of different operational systems, however the fact appearance totally different. The headline sums to some extent however mind anticipate events as a result of, once again, the knowledge is extremely blurred.

The problem appears to consist a lock BIOS by Lenovo: UNIX distributions aren’t able to discover the SSD makes use of NVMe and RAID technology (Intel RST) mode. UNIX detects the unit if it were set to AHCI mode, however the Lenovo computer’s BIOS is fast. solely a posh operation that should be welded on the plate to reflash the BIOS to vary the BIOS settings for the SSD detection. Why ought to a BIOS setup that may forestall the detection of SSDs with RAID technology and NVMe mode by Linux?therefore, the fireplace originated within the correct forums Lenovo, finally spreading the News.

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Apparently, the lock to put in another OS to Windows is truly found within the NVMe BIOS technology,one thing that the corporate still doesn’t offer a satisfactory answer to its customers. However, some have managed to beat the barriers however this can be one thing that isn’t obtainable to everybody.

You Can’t Install Linux On Microsoft Signature Edition PCs

While alternative groups “Signature Edition” do have the power to allow you to install Linux , and simply properly piece the BIOS for Linux distributions find storage units and will use them for installation.

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According to the users of Reddit, a part of the discussion thread within the Lenovo official forums support had been deleted, however it’s currently been renovated and one in every of the forum directors explained that some users had profaned the terms of use of those forums.