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22 Hilarious Period Memes, Which Every Girl Will Find Relatable To Herse

Just like the weather can change suddenly, same applies with the mood of girls. Every month, women goes through her periods and there are drastic changes in their mood.

Well to be honest, that’s the most sacrificial 5-6 days of the week. Where we have to sacrifice our cute underwears, favourite bedsheets and dresses too. Sometimes, there are period cramps, feeling of sadness for no reason , happy, sometimes horny, and most of the time hugry.

In this article, there are alot of hilarious period memes which are too much relatable for every women. Being a women myself, it becomes a bit easier to face cramps and mood swings when we know that we are all in this together.

Disclaimer – This post is meant for just being funny and by no mean, we want to disrespect anyone. Memes here in this article are selectively picked up from all over internet, and we have not created any meme by ourselves.

  1. Stop being so rude dear uterus

2. This is so true, right girls?

3. Uterus practicing drills

4. Oh yes, this makes me angry

5. Every single thing can make us feel irritated

6. Vagina is so ungrateful for my care

7. Why mother nature?

8. This is so weird

9. When pad moves in public places. It’s really embarrassing. No!

10. Yeah! Wearing white is a sign itself.

11. Oh no! Mood swings

12. Hot water bottle is my best friend during periods.

13. Can you please shut up? I’m already irritated.

14. It’s so embarrassing. No?

15. It’s not like that dear uterus.

16. Yes everytime when period gets late.

17. Now do you really know what’s that?

18. Periods be like : Surprise!

19. Only girls can understand this pain.

20. Ahh! It hurts alot.

21. Thank God. Now I am free.

22. My mood can change like the weather

What do you think?

Written by Soulful Girl

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