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Embarrassing Moments In Live Concerts Of Famous Bollywood Singers

Famous Singers often do concerts in various cities and countries. Where fans love them , adore them and want to get closer to their favourite star , they also sometimes cross limits.

In this article today, we will tell you about such shocking incidents that these famous singers have to went through while performing live on concerts. No doubt, this is not a new thing for famous celebrities but sometimes the incidents become very embarrassing. Almost every famous actor or famous singer has somewhere faced some incidents in his or his life.

Here is a list of few famous Bollywood singer whose crazy incidents were caught during their live concerts :-

  1. Live Concert Of Shaan At Guwahati

In 2018, Shaan did a live concert in Guwahati. During this concert one person near the front row kept on misbehaving and shouting to sing in Assamese language.

The person was angry and threw a paperticket on Shaan because he was singing in Bengali language. To this, the singer got angry and requested the crowd not to make it a political issue.

2. Atif Aslam In 2017

This is an incident of 2017 during a live concert of Atif Aslam, where on of his female fan went up to the stage to meet him despite of 7-8 bouncers near the stage.

She grabbed the singer and started hugging him. After sometime however bouncers convinced her to go down the stage.

3. Mika Singh in Delhi

On 11th April 2017, in Delhi Mika went to opthalmological society to perform for his live concert. There were many doctors present in the concert and their families too.

There was a lot of crowd so the singer said that all women must come in the middle row and men in the side row. But one doctor denied his words, which made Mika Singh angry. He asked to his bouncers to bring that doctor on the stage and he slapped tightly on his face.

After that this matter was taken up by the police.

4. Guru Randhawa In Canada Live Concert

As per reports, this incident is of 28th July 2019. Guru Randhawa went to Vancouver, Canada for his live concert. The show was nice but there was a man who was continuously asking him for coming up on the stage but to which Guru denied.

When the show ended and the singer was leaving, that man came and punched his face. After that Guru suddenly came on stage and showed his to the audience. From that day onwards, Guru Randhawa decided not to come to Canada for his concerts.

5. Sonu Nigam At Andheri Sports Complex

On 28th April 2018, in Andheri Sports Complex, Sonu Nigam was performing for BIG 92.7 FM. In the middle of his performance, a girl came up on the stage suddenly and hugged and kissed him. Sonu Nigam tried hard to keep away that girl but she didn’t. After that the security guards came, and took the girl down the stage.

6. Arijit Singh Performance On Song Gerua

Arijit Singh is a very humble and down to earth person by nature . This is the incident of Seattle, USA. The singer was performing on Gerua song and a person from the first row threw money on him.

Arijit stopped performing and he collected the money when a bouncer also joined him to collect the money and Arijit Singh gave the money back to that man. He told him not to waste money like this, which made the fans respect him more than before.

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