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10 Casting Couch Incidents , Your Favorite Stars Has To Grow Through

Women in India, are unsafe. Harassment while walking down the street, eve-teasing, and rapes news is something that we have now become accustomed to. Such news is the headlines if we read any newspaper or tabloid. It is unfortunate. But women being molested in a crowded place or if she is alone at night is something very common these days.

Our Bollywood industry is no different. Several Hindi cinema actresses have been a victim of harassment by very renowned Bollywood producers and directors. Casting Couch is akin to Bollywood. Its a topic of conversation for more than the last few decades. Casting Couch is not at all a new concept; instead, it is as old as our civilization. But it’s is a different story that we started noticing recently when the actors began to open up about it. 

Last year, the #MeToo movement came to the front and had exposed many famous names in the industry for the deeds they did with female actresses. Let’s look at some of the actors and actresses who have faced casting couch in their careers.

Surveen Chawla

Surveen Chawla is one of the most beautiful faces of Bollywood. Before films, she acted in many TV serials and is a famous face in Indian households. Surveen Chawla made her debut in the bold film “Hate Story 2” and had faced Casting Couch many times while auditioning for many other films. She never gave up and ended up bagging her first film in 2014.

Kalki Koechlin

The brave Kalki is a very familiar face in Bollywood. She, too, had to face the dreaded casting couch and also has had to face racism in Bollywood. She never bowed down to the casting couch and told the media that she used to refuse such people and escape from the situation immediately.

Ayushmann Khurrana

We all know the infamous Ayushmann Khurrana, who is taking away hearts by dropping hits after hits in the Bollywood Box Office. You must be shocked to hear, but Mr. Khurrana was asked to “show his tool” to bag a considerable producer film in his struggling days. The hunk chose to walk off!

Kangana Ranaut

We all know how bold and unapologetic Ms. Kangana Ranaut is when it comes to her dignity and her statements in the media. What do you think would have been her reaction to the Casting Couch? The Manikarnika actress had to face the dreaded couch multiple times before bagging her first film. She told the media the producers used to be shameless. Straightaway asking for sexual pleasures.

Ranveer Singh

Must you be shocked? Well, we are too. Ranveer Singh, who is one of the most sought after actors in the industry these days, had to go through the casting couch also. He was new to the industry and did not know many people here, and he told a tabloid. The director told him to take his pants off and sit in front of him and stay quiet. He was silent embarrassed and left, immediately. Close call, we say.

Tisca Chopra

The very charming Tisca Chopra had to go through the casting couch in her initial days too. She was brave enough to put her dignity forth and declined the offer at the earliest.

Rakhi Sawant

Ms. Rakhi Sawant has never held back, and in her various vivacious interviews, she has told the media about the infamous casting couch and her experience with it. Even though she refuses to name the producer/director, she said the tabloids that she had a close call, but she put her dignity at the top.

Sambhavana Seth

The bold Bhojpuri actress had to face the casting couch in her early days in the industry. She said she used to come back to her PG and cry herself to sleep. But her perseverance and will power to succeed brought her where she is today. She says, male or female; the casting couch spares nobody.

Payal Rohatgi

Payal Rohatgi is a model who has worked in small budget Bollywood films. The actress had to face the casting couch while auditioning for the movie before her debut. She told the media that the experience was horrifying. Because of her good looks, many producers had asked her for sexual favors, but she used to decline, and not used to get the roles.

Sameera Reddy

Now a mother of 2, Sameera Reddy used to be one of the most sensual actresses of B-Town. She is known for films like Race, where she appeared in bold roles. She told the media that she had been targeted by the casting couch several times; however, there is only one to save yourself, to be respectful of yourself and put your dignity first.

What do you think?

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