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Some Weird Habits Of Queen Elizabeth – II That Tells Why She Is So Perfect

Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of the United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth was born in Mayfair, London, as the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York.

Her father ascended the throne on the abdication of his brother King Edward VIII in 1936, from which time she was the heir presumptive.

Queen Elizabeth II, UK

There are ample of things which even the Queen Elizabeth have. She carries surprising things in her carry bag.

1.Blood Bag

Queen Elizabeth carries blood bag everytime

Queen Elizabeth ii always carries a supply of her own blood when she travels on royal tours. In countries where blood donations might not be available, the doctor even brings a personal supply of blood matching Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip’s blood types. She always travels with at least three personal physicians who will have researched nearby hospitals.

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2. Black Outfit

Queen Elizabeth death travel outfit.

Queen Elizabeth always pack atleast one whole black outfit in her bag .In 1952, Queen Elizabeth’s father died while she was on a royal trip to Kenya, as she had only packed light summer dresses, so she needed to wait onboard in Britain until a black dress was delivered. That’s why she always carries black outfit in her bag.

3. Toilet paper

Queen Elizabeth always packs toilet paper while travelling . When hosts fuss about the loo when they are expecting a royal visit but they need not worry too much about either to buy treble-ply toilet paper or double-ply toilet paper, because she always brings her own stash. Her toilet paper is the most luxurious that money can buy and it is made from the Oriental silk that is edged with nine carat gold . It is presented in a gold, decorated with precious gem stones.

4. Hot water bottle

Queen Elizabeth always packs a hot water bottle while travelling. She was once without her hotwater bottle when at Buckingham Palace after a maid forgot to put it into the bed. That was the first time, Queen Elizabeth made it for herself, which she related to her found more hilarious. That’s why she always packs a hot water bottle.

Some strange habits Of The Queen Elizabeth :
1. She hates ice cubes :-

Queen Elizabeth hates the sound of ice cubes inside her glass . Instead of ice cubes she finds the sound of ice balls more musical and interesting.
Prince Philip her husband invented a special machine that makes spherical ice specifically for Queen Elizabeth.

Queen uses ice balls instead of ice cubes.

2. She carries a portable hook in her bag . Queen attaches this hook under the table to hang the bag on it. She sends signals to her servants with bag which means if the bag hanging on the hook means nothing and the Queen just feels comfortable and if the bag is on the floor it means that the Queen Elizabeth will wants to leave.

3. She never eats potatoes and soups.When the Queen Elizabeth has dinner alone no one would dare to bring a soup in her table. She didn’t like potatoes very much. She just prefers to avoid starch in her diet.

4. She loves raspberries but she never eats them in public because their seeds get stuck in the teeth which is not acceptable. Raspberries are one of the queen’s favorite berries.

5. She prohibits open windows because opening windows from its front side can ruin the whole view. The building should look perfect from the outside when all windows are closed. That’s why windows can be opened only at a certain hour.

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