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7 Reasons Why Japanese Women Have Youthful skin – Skin Care Routine

Japanese women account not only for the majority of people in Japan, but also enjoy one of the highest life expectancies worldwide.

Want to look years younger just like Japanese women? Then you have to follow their smart and healthy tips and hacks.Many of them look decades younger than their actual age and almost all have perfectly shaped bodies. These japanese skin care routine help them to stay clear from fine lines, wrinkles and other ageing signs.

1. Healthy, balanced diet and eat in small portions.

Japanese diet is all about healthy, balanced, and eating in small quantities. They eat fresh and less processed foods. They also avoid eating refined, and sugary foods. Fish, grains, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, fermented foods, and mushrooms among others are part of their diet. Drink a minimum of 1.5 litres of water per day. No snacks.

2. Washing face with rice water

Want glowing and soothing skin, then rice water which is rich in several vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can come to your rescue. Many Japanese women use rice water to wash their faces and hair. How to prepare rice water? Add half a cup of rice in a bowl and rinse the rice it several times. Later, add 2 cups of water and soak the rice for 15 minutes. Strain the rice and keep the rice water in a tight lid jar for one to two days at room temperature. While using, dilute it and keep the remaining water in the fridge. You can also make japanese rice cream for face.

3. They regularly have a anti-aging massage to look youthful

On both sides of your lips, place your fingers. Massage the skin as if you are playing the piano by knocking the skin lightly.
Press the middle of the forehead tightly on the skin and pause for 3 seconds, then move your fingers toward the temples.
With one hand, gently spread the skin on your forehead as if you were ironing wrinkles, and place the second hand on your temple.
Pull your forehead muscles upward using both hands in a row.
Push the region around your lips gently. To perform this exercise, use your ring and middle fingers; all the movements should go up and down.
Perform circular movements by slightly pressing the area behind ears.
Make light pressing motions with the aid of finger pads in the under-brow region. Using your middle finger to make a slipping motion toward their inner corners along with the pupils.

4. They shield themselves in every temperature from sun rays

They shield themselves with umbrella and use a good SPF skin care products. Japanese girls are still trying to make their skin a pearly-porcelain colour, though, the beauty standard has remained.

It is highly recommended that you use high SPF cosmetic products to protect yourself from UV rays, which can harm your look alot, this also helps in protecting hair fall. Japanese people are not a fan of tanned skin and follow basic to elaborate sun protection regime. So, you will find Japanese women wearing sunscreens and hats to avoid sunspots, wrinkles, and other signs of ageing.

5. They maintain high collagen levels

Collagen is a vital protein for our skin. If you have lesser of it then you will look older. In Japan, collagen supplements are quite common. Also, they include it naturally by having bone broth, fish, chicken, egg whites, greens, and citrus fruits among others.

6. Healthy cooking methods and eating slowly.

They mostly eat their food raw or use techniques of simmering, steaming, grilling, and baking. They hardly use oil. Chopsticks that are used by the Japanese hinder the amount of food and speed at which people eat meals. That’s why you should also start using chopsticks. They eat slowly and this gives the digestive system enough time to process the food and it also helps to avoid overeating as the brain gets a signal of being full.

7. Steamy and hot baths at onsens

Long, steaming hot baths which are enriched with oils, essences and tea are a common ritual in Japan. They love soaking in a hot tub or a traditional hot spring. The therapeutic hot spring waters baths at onsens help to get rid of skin conditions and make you look and feel younger.

These japanese skin care routine enrich the body with mineral components, promote blood circulation, and increase sleep.

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