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How to Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Number To Facebook

In this article we have written the technique by that you will simply stop WhatsApp from giving your phone number to Facebook, simply scan it to know more details regarding it.

 Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Number To Facebook

Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Number To Facebook

In the recent WhatsApp update, there has been a replacement policy or you can say another function by that WhatsApp now shares your given contact details i.e sign together with your Facebook account. This thus adds up the flexibility on Facebook to search out up the correct suggestions for the users and additionally tends to indicate up the correct ads on your WhatsApp and Facebook supported your location and details of the contact. This tie-up of the WhatsApp with the Facebook has been done simply to produce additional nice ads expertise wherever the ads are going to be shown consequently to the close places and hotspots etc. Except for some reason you may not want to share up your WhatsApp number to the Facebook and may additionally wish to stay it personal too, thus you may not like this feature of contact sharing in WhatsApp and need to let it removed or stopped.

This method is simple and easy you just need to follow step by step.

Steps to Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Phone Number to Facebook:

1. Open up the WhatsApp on your device and so follow step in step according to the platform of your device i.e Android, iOS etc.

2.On Android, press on the Action overflow button that’s placed at the higher right corner of the screen and from there attend the Settings through the choice, on iOS press on the Settings tab that’s placed on the lower right corner of the screen.

3.Now on android and iOS, this step are going to be same, you only need to find up the Account choice on these totally different interfaces and press on that. This feature allows you to change the data concerning your account and it’s varied different aspects.

Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Number To Facebook

4. And if you wish to alter the WhatsApp privacy in such the simplest way that it doesn’t share any information of your Account together with your Facebook account then you may have to simply uncheck the “Share my account info” option that you simply will see after going through above steps.

Stop WhatsApp From Giving your Number To Facebook

5. In the prompt message which will seem on your screen, you have to press on the “Don’t Share” option of the message which shall be disabled from that terribly instant. Note that after you may stop this feature then you won’t be ready to see that feature in your WhatsApp settings and therefore you won’t be able to set that feature once more.

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