Man Ordered Cow Dung Online Thinking It’s Cake , His Review After Eating That Is Hillarous

Strange things can happen with anyone who is not aware of the outside world. If someone will write cow dung cake, there are many chances that some people with less awareness can misunderstand.
Online shopping has made it very easy and comfortable to buy products without going outside in the market. If someone needs anything, that thing is just one click away to place order and it is delivered at your home. From a needle to cars, washing machines etc everything is available online. Cash on delivery, debit card ,credit card payment and many more options made the payment for the products very convenient and comfortable. But its demerits can only be seen when the person is ordering something with no knowledge about the product at all.

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An incident when a man ordered cow dung cake online from Amazon and thought that it was same as the other cakes and tasted it, on the other hand gave a hilarious reply which went viral on social media . As he was not aware of the fact that this is made up of cow dung. This can happen with people who doesn’t know what is cow dung. We can assure if you will read the review you too will laugh holding your tummy.

Amazon Shopping Site sells each and everything from a small pin to cars and many more . But buying any local thing without knowing its English name can lead to a problem. Same thing happened with a man who ordered cow dung cake and thought it was a normal cake to eat like others. On the site it was written cow dung ,cake in English but not in local language The man was not aware of the fact that cow dung can also be written as cow dung cakes.

Ok but the hilarious thing is he tasted it too. When he didn’t liked its taste, he searched for the page (from where he had ordered them) and wrote a review on it which went viral. In the review the man wrote that the taste of cow dung cake is very bad and he got loose motions after eating it and suffered from diarrhoea. The customer also added in review that while making the cow dung cake ,make sure about its crispiness and taste. It should be good in taste and crispy and should be made with proper hygiene so that no one will suffer from diarrhoea.
Users and netizens made this hilarious review viral on social media platforms. This review is so hilarious and funny but on the other side it is helping you to understand that you must not buy anything online without having a proper information about the product. Many times it happens when people are not aware of what they ordered and have to do such mistakes like this man did. Awareness is really very important while buying anything on the online sites.

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