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Untold Story Of Self Made Woman Gauhar Khan, The Tinsel Town Diva.

Bigg Boss winner Gauhar Khan has typically been the talk of the town for her distinctive Vogue and her performances. The role player has appeared in multiple roles in several movies.

For example, Some of the movies are Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya, Ishqzaade etc. She appeared as an item dancer and she stunned the floor. But her performances within the song is what won her the hearts of the audience.

With her stint within the reality show Bigg Boss Season 7. Gauhar Khan connected to variety of controversies additionally.

From her fights with Tanisha Mukherjee to her affair with TV actor Kushal Tandon. Indeed, Gauhar stayed in limelight for several reasons.

Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon romance in Bigg Boss Season 7

Gauhar and Kushal pleased their audience with their cute banters once bolted within The Bigg Boss Seven house. It was aforesaid that the two were terribly serious concerning one another. And had even kiss whereas on the show.

However, once they came outside, the couple proclaimed their breakup and even indulged in ugly fights on social media.

Gauhar Khan and Tanisha Mukherjee fights

The operatic star got bolted within the house with movie industry role player Kajol’s sister Tanisha Mukherjee.

The two might never see eye to eye with one another after all the fights in the house. Due to the fights, even the house got divided into two groups.

Gauhar Khan Slap Contestation

In 2014, Gauhar Khan hosted a singing reality show referred to as India’s Raw Star. Amid a performance, once she was sitting beside the stage, a person stood up and maltreated her.

The video went viral on social media. When asked the explanation concerning his wrongful conduct. The person aforesaid that Gauhar Khan does not practice muslim traditions and wear short garments.

No doubt, Gauhar Khan was appall and furious at that person.

Gauhar Khan Swimsuit Photoshoot

Gauhar Khan and her sister Nigar featured on a show that was refer to as Khan sisters. In one of the episodes, Nigar witnessed Gauhar’s swimsuit photos and asked her to depart the house.

She was terribly upset. And distress concerning her parents reaction, once they see her images. However, Gauhar being he progressive girl that she is, took a stand and admitted doing this all by her will.

Her Wedding With Creator Zaid Darbar Commenced on 25th December 2020.

Zaid Darbar is an Ace musician Ismail Darbar’s son. Undoubtedly, he is a choreographer and a social media star with more than 400k followers on Instagram.

Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar met each other in Covid times and instantly clicked. Although, Gauahar and Zaid fell in love during the lockdown due to the novel coronavirus. And decide to marry each other.

The short video narrated how Gauahar and Zaid grew fond of each other. “What started as a lockdown ritual (the two regularly met at a grocery store) turned into love at first beep (Zaid pinged Gauahar and called her the most beautiful girl in the world),” read the captions in the video.

Before they knew it that they are in love, and suddenly got married with each other the next moment. Their story gives us all some serious couple goals.

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