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Bollywood Actresses Who Got Married Late And Showed Us Age Is No Bar

Although, age is not a scale to measure love. And here are some gorgeous divas who made us believe that age is no bar for marriage.

Love is when you feel better in someone’s presence. You feel healed and blessed. So, below is the list of some gorgeous divas who married at age above 30’s and more.

1. Suhasini Mulay

Suhasini Malay is often stare in many movies and tv shows. She found her love at 60. She is a famous actress in Bollywood, maratha movies and daily soaps.

Although she is still famous for portraying tough characters on big as well as small screen. One thing that got her much recognization as possible was when she married at the age of 60.

On January 16 2011, she tied the knot with Atul Grutu, who is a doctor by profession. Although, Suhasini was never in relationship before but it was Atul’s second marriage. He lost his first wife because of cancer. Suhasini met her future husband on facebook.

2. Farah Khan

This multi tasking personality is known to all. Farah married at the age of 39 . When she married the editor-turned-director, Shirish Kunder, who is also 8 years younger than her.

This incredibly witty director, choreographer and producer made a few heads turn around. On December 9, 2004, the pair tied the knot and in 2008, became happy parents to two adorable daughters and one cute prince.

She gave birth to three kids. Eleven and a half year is gone and still Farah and Shirish are making us believe that there is no right “age” to get married.

3. Urmila Matondkar

Indeed Urmila said that I do at the age of 42. Of all the people we have discussed about above, Urmila Matondkar stands out. She hadn’t met anybody , nor was she trying to make more movies.

Unquestionably, just as it is that when you least expect them, nice things happen. And one morning everyone woke up to sweet yet stunning revelation that this stunning actress married at the age of 42. She is going to marry in a private ceremony.

Reports says that Mir Mohshin Khan, her partner is younger than this gorgeous actress.

4. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta walked down the aisle with Gene Goodenough when she was 41. When Preity and Ness Wadia were in a steady relationship, we’ll thought that they would finally marry each other.

But then the two split apart and there was no union of the two. But in Gene Goodenough, Bollywood’s bubbly ‘liril’ girl found love and the pair married in Los Angeles on February 29,2016.

And if you have been through a broken relationship, what we should learn? This dimpled beauty teaches us to never loose hope. And trust in the divine power.

5. Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee got married at the age of 36 to film producer. Everyone knew that Aditya Chopra was dating Rani. But neither Rani nor Aditya admitted it publicly.

Yet this is openly written about pair, shocked everyone with a Hush-hush wedding in Italy on April 21, 2014. In December 2015, the pair even welcomed their first daughter.

Rani and Aditya were always talk of the town. This adorable couple is in love and was sure to stay with each other for lifetime.

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Written by Soulful Girl

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