5 MS Dhoni Controversies His Fans Don’t Want You To Know.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is considered as the best Cricketing captain ever and one of the most respected cricketers ever to step on the field. He has achieved everything with both his country and in IPL franchise as well.

Dhoni has achieved every feat after he was made the captain of Struggling India’s side, from making them no.1 test team to winning T20 World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy. He also ended India’s 28-year World Cup drought.

It is tough to think that a player like Dhoni can be a part of any controversy, but the reality is he was involved in many controversies, and here we will share a few of them.

1. Dhoni-Srinivasan Friendship

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s relation with former BCCI president has been very suspicious. N Srinivasan was also the vice-chairman and managing director of India cement, who owned a majority of the shares in Chennai Super Kings. So during Srinivasan’s tenure, Dhoni was graced with many vast designations, including India Cement’s Vice President Marketing in an honorary role to the captain of Chennai Super Kings and 2012 Srinivasan vetoed against the selectors to help Dhoni keep his captaincy.

2. Sacrificial Goat

In 2008, Indian Skipper, Dhoni, sacrificed a goat in a temple in Ranchi after India trashed Australia in Australia. But the animal control groups didn’t take it well, and he was bashed for his doings.

In a letter, PETA India’s chief functionary Anuradha Sawhney wrote: “I hope that, upon reflection, you have come to regret your decision to tarnish your triumph with cruelty to animals.”

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“As a talented athlete, you are a role model for young people. We hope that you will consider the enormous influence you have over the children and, in the future, refrain from cruel acts that your young fans might be inspired to imitate,” the letter read.

“Mr. Dhoni will need divine intervention now to repair his tarnished image,” Sawhney had remarked.

3. Gautam Gambhir vs Dhoni

There is no doubt in the talent of Gautam Gambhir, and he’s been a player of big matches, he has delivered in every big game he’s been a part of. But Dhoni, like his batting style, has been very unorthodox about this captaincy approach as well.

Dhoni came out with ‘Rotation Policy’ in which he would make the top-order Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulker, and Gautam Gambhir take turns, and one was rested in every match. Dhoni’s logic behind that was to keep them fit, and all the other young players will get a fair chance too.

But Gambhir didn’t like it, and he talked against it on many occasions, and many believe that this was the reason why Gambhir didn’t get a good ending despite delivering in all the finals he’s been part of.

“I believe that one should follow the captain’s decision, but it was complete crap,” Gambhir said in an interview.

“You started with the rotation policy but played all the three [of us] in the must-win games. If you make a decision, back your decision, stick to it,” He added.

4. Match Fixing Scandal

IPL suffered a significant blow when two of its biggest teams were involved in match-fixing, and one of them was the most successful franchise Chennai Super Kings. SP Kumar, who was investigating the match-fixing scandal, revealed that a bookie named Kittie confessed that Gurunath Meiyappan had informed him that Dhoni has agreed to lose the match and will score more than 140 runs while batting first.

But due to unknown reasons, Kumar was taken out of the case and was shifted to the Railway department from internal security.  

Dhoni remained silent and never made any comment on it, which is quite suspicious.

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Written by Iftakhar Sheikh

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