2018’s 10 Tinder Profiles That Swiped the World Off its Feet!

In recent years , we have seen people finding their love online. So what if few of them keep changing their love every week ! Yes , you guessed it right we are in the Era of Online Dating . I am sure many of us are using dating apps if not , at least you have heard about them. There are many popular apps around that helps you find a perfect date , a dinner partner , a hookup friend or just plain pure Love. And there are even more blogs written on them that tells you which site is performing well . But hold on , we have no intention of marketing those apps here but instead we bring you people who deserve to be famous.

So , here we are with top Tinder Profiles of 2018 that inspired many , and got a lot of swipes yes of course Right Swipe for themselves !

Note : Most Part Of This Article is Based on interview at Cosmopolitan including pictures of respective people.


18, Surrey, Student

What’s your Tinder bio? “Happy chap.”

Opening line? “Hola!” Often they’ll be like, “Oh, are you Spanish?” and I’m like, “No…” It’s worked every time.

When do you swipe right? If they’re good-looking!

When do you swipe left? A crude bio. Or if all their photos are group ones.


24, London, Marketing Assistant

What’s your Tinder bio? I don’t have one, but I’ve set my Spotify anthem [on Tinder] to Hall & Oates’ ‘You Make My Dreams’.

Opening line? I’m never the first to talk… that’s really bad!

When do you swipe right? Tall rugby players!

What makes you swipe left? Something weird in their bio, like references to foot fetishes.


20, London, Student

What’s your Tinder bio? My Instagram, my height and my university.

Opening line? A funny GIF.

When do you swipe right? Funny pictures. I have swiped right on people before simply because I haven’t been able to stop laughing at their profile. In a good way, of course!

When do you swipe left? People who seem arrogant.


25, London, Corporate Investigator

What’s your Tinder bio? “Love the outdoors and dogs. Value laughter, a good Negroni and the simple things in life. Ideally looking for someone to build a fort with in the living room of a Sunday. Let’s grab a drink?”

Opening line? “Is there a boyfriend I should be concerned about?”

When do you swipe right? Good pictures and taste in music.

When do you swipe left? Obnoxious bios making demands like, “If you’re not gym-fit, don’t swipe right”.


34, London, Revenue Control Team Leader

What’s your Tinder bio? “Midlands boy, living in the big smoke.”

Opening line? Just the typical, “Hey, how are you?” It tends to work.

When do you swipe right? Aesthetically, a great smile and eyes.

When do you swipe left? People in sunglasses. It’s like,”Hello, I can’t see your eyes!”


21, York, Retail Assistant

What’s your Tinder bio? What I studied at uni and my Instagram.

Opening line? I try to target something in their pictures, like an interest.

When do you swipe right? A really good smile.

When do you swipe left? Too many selfies and body pictures.


34, London, Head of Trading Services

What’s your Tinder bio? It’s deliberately blank.

Opening line? “Where are you from?” Everybody’s up for answering that.

When do you swipe right? Someone who looks natural and whose photos were taken by others.

When do you swipe left? When pictures seem to include their exes.


24, Manchester, Postgraduate Student

What’s your Tinder bio? “Irish Citizen with a British accent. If you need an EU passport without arousing the suspicions of your Brexit family, I’m your man. Dog ownership a plus. References available upon request.”

Opening line? I personalise it each time.

When do you swipe right? If they seem to have a life outside of social media.

When do you swipe left? Exclusively group photos.


21, London, PR Account Executive

What’s your Tinder bio? “I’m a shortie. I hate people who step on escalators slowly. I love the sea.”

Opening line? “But do you have a puppy?”

When do you swipe right? Somebody who looks like they have a fun life.

When do you swipe left? Generic selfies, topless photos, overly white teeth.


24, London, Brand Partnership Manager

What’s your Tinder bio? “Ideally, I’m looking for dark hair, a red jumper and quite a large face.” It’s a quote from from Nighty Night.

Opening line? I don’t often open the conversation.

When do you swipe right? Images of dogs go down a treat.

When do you swipe left? Overly-posed pictures. They’re a bit of a boner-killer.

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