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Did you Know these 10 Fruits, Nuts, and Vegetables Were actually Man-made ?

Cabbage, Kale, Kohlrabi ,Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts!

Till 2500 years ago, these veggies as we know them today weren’t in existence! All of these vegetables were grown by selectively breeding wild mustard, which still grows today.


Orange was developed by cross breeding the sour pomelo with the sweet mandarin, which many people confuse as a variety of orange.


We couldn’t have savoured the peanut butter we so much love, if it weren’t for, you guessed it, peanuts! This came into existence when two of its ancestors, the Arachis duranensis from the Andean valleys between Bolivia and Argentina, and the Arachis ipaensis from Bolivia, which were interbred with the help of early human settlers and bees.


Musa acuminata is fleshy, but it tastes unpleasant. Musa balbisiana is delicious but contains too many seeds. These two banana species naturally cross-bred to produce the ancestor of the modern day banana, which turned out to be sterile. If humans stop planting them, bananas will go extinct.


The ancestor of the modern day almond was not at all sweet, and was even lethal to consume. Its unknown to date that how our forefathers developed this sweet nut from the poisonous ancestor.


Grapefruit is a hybrid of the pomelo and orange fruits.


Even we are hearing of this fruit for the first time! Boysenberry was considered first to be a variant of blackberry, but its a hybrid of blackberry and loganberry, or red raspberry.


Pomelo seems to be the casanova for all the sweet-sour fruits out there! As the name perfectly suggests, Tangelo is the hybrid of tangerine and pomelo. Tangelo shares the same fate with mandarin, of being confused with orange.


The earliest ancestor of carrot wasn’t orange. It was either white or purple, and inedible. The modern-day carrot is a hybrid of the yellow carrot, which in turn is the hybrid of white carrot.


The strawberry of today is the descendant of a much, much smaller wild strawberry, which sadly, tasted sweet.

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