9 Things About Rajasthan That Will Make You Go On a Travel Spree


Rajasthan has a lot more to offer than the Hawa Mahal, the Kutch and the cultural heritage. Want to explore more? Read on!

1. Colour Palette Bonanza

From pink city Jaipur, to the whiteness of Udaipur, to the blues of Jodhpur, AND the violets of Jhalawar, every city in Rajasthan seems to have it’s own RGB value!

2. No Deserts and All Green

In many pleaces in Rajasthan, you wouldn’t find even a grain of sand but greenery all around!

3. Ever-Changing Hues

The skies have a mood of their own in this colourful state. A painter’s paradise!

4. Colours, Colours Everywhere!

From graffiti to paints, everywhere you’ll find an abundance of colours adorning the walls and structures in Rajasthan.

5. Divine Drapes Everywhere

From bright blue, to fluorescent green, to magnificent yellow, you’ll see a splash of colour in whatever people, and especially the women wear!

6. Lifetime of Wisdom and Experiences underneath Those Turbans!

Sit down for a chit chat with some folk you find. You never know, you might get some lessons of lifetime!

7. At Some Places, There are More Camels than Humans!

On the roads, or the town squares, or mos of the places in general, you are highly likely to spot a huge number of camels!

8. Monsoons are Amazing!

Rajasthan offers beautiful scenery in the monsoons, which would make your trip worth it!

9. Folk Music

Listening to the mystic tunes of the local Rajasthan music at magical dusk in the desert lands is something you’ll cherish forever.

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